Totoyo Info Case Study (SEO)


Totoyo Info is one of the most renowned sites to play sports and games online. It is one of the best toto sites in Korea due to its with 100% playground safety and verified users. 

Totoyo is backed by a strong and dedicated team that expertise in handling different sports. It creates a safe and secure betting environment for its users.

With the changing era, many private companies are paving their way to online games and sports too. Totoyo Info has a unique verification team that gives detailed attention to the process of registration of all the Toto sites and sports activities. It has various players and companies registered for a variety of games that Totoyo offers. 


Totoyo had two primary purposes:

  •  To generate more relevant traffic 
  • To have impactful SERP results. 
  • To get positional rankings on Google.

 We assessed monthly traffic was not up to the mark as the competition was very high. The Google SERP rankings were also going down. 


A major problem that our team faced was language. Since it was a Korean website, it was very challenging to cope up with the different demands of our clients. Getting quality websites for links was a significant hindrance. The second major challenge that we recognized was competition. The competition was really high and not only within the industry but also platforms. There were high ranking competitors for different keywords that we had to target. There was a dire need to mold and redirect the traffic to the main web pages so that the conversion rate could be improved. We focussed on making coming up with strategies that can improve the positional rankings of Totoyo. 


  1. After detailed research, we found out that the On-page and Off-Page SEO structure of the website was fragile, and competitors had more optimized and trusted sites.
  2. To improve ranking, we took a deep dive and shifted our focus towards the top competitors. We found out that the existing content on the website is not of good quality and does not include relevant LSI keywords, Headers, and tags. We also found out that the interlinking structure of the site is poor, which resulted in poor user experience. Therefore the first thing that we did was changed almost all the content of the website.
  3. Search appearance of Totoyo on the google was not appealing enough to make people click on the link. Therefore we changed the meta title and description and made them catchy. It helped us to achieve a good CTR.
  4. Backlinking and Off-page strategy were feeble. Hence, we improved it through quality link submissions, directory submissions, QA forums, commenting, and image optimization. 

Tools Used:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Keywords Planner
  • LSI Graphs
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google AMP validator

Services Used:

  • Content and Creatives
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Optimization


Despite having fierce competition in the online gaming industry, we were able to achieve a growth rate of …… The positional ranking of Totoyo improved by …..

The 6S team found that there were not only highly optimised existing websites but new websites launching up in the gaming industry every day. But, the 6S team experts above all the adversities improved ranking with incredible efforts and quality link building.

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6 Types of Digital Platforms to Promote Your Business Online

Are you not getting sufficient traffic and sales?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

People these days, spend more than half of their time in front of tech platforms. Digital marketing is making its way in the life of people so quickly. Right from buying morning toothpaste to goodnight blankets, people prefer going online. Be it startups, established brands, creators, or MNC’s everyone is selling online.

To achieve your targets and strategic goals, it has become a mandate to leverage all the digital platforms efficiently. Developing a website won’t work now; one needs a result-driven and innovative digital marketing strategy to promote their business online.

These are 6 Types of Digital Platforms that will help you to promote your business online: 

1.Email Marketing

What is the first thing that websites asks for when you open them?


And, when you put up your email address, you receive emails from this company regularly. What is this? This is an email marketing strategy used by companies to spread awareness about the good or service they are offering. Email marketing is going to be the next big thing in the world of internet promotion.

Email Marketing is one of the most widely used types of digital marketing strategy. It helps in building valuable relationships with your customers which can further get you traffic and conversions on your website.

Nowadays, email marketing is not only confined to buying lists and directories from companies and sending too many annoying mails. It is much more advanced and personalized approach. It was also ranked as the best digital marketing strategy in 2018.

If you subscribe to the newsletter of digital marketing training institute, you will find digital marketing pdf, digital marketing syllabus, and much more useful content on your emails every day. This is how email marketing is growing.

Here are some of the tips that you must consider while writing an email to your prospective audience:

●     Always try to personalize your email. Make sure you write like you are talking to that person.

●     Choose a picky yet straightforward subject line.

●     Make your greeting warm enough

●     Don’t keep your main content or message vague or too long.

●     Give a thankful closing.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic form of digital marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing

Anything that is happening around the world reaches you in minutes. What’s the source? Social Media!

Whether it is a person, company or brand, you can find all on social. Likes, dislikes, fans, followers are the common terms used by everyone these days. Social Media is creating a significant impact on people’s lives.

But then, what is Social Media Marketing?

Whenever people or companies make use of social media platforms to market their goods and services, it is simply known as Social Media Marketing.

Now, Why Social Media Marketing always a priority in the types of digital marketing strategy?


The next question is how social media marketing strategy is helpful for your business?

●     Improved Brand awareness

●     Larger customer base and retention

●     A cost-effective platform for promotion

●     To influence the audience to purchase

●     Better search engine rankings and conversions

So these are some of the reasons why you should adopt a social media marketing strategy to augment your business.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever noticed a tech niche YouTuber asking you to buy the tech products like earphones, charger etc. from the link provided by him/her in the Youtube section?

If yes, then you very well know what affiliate marketing is.

Also, if you click on the link provided by that youtuber and make a purchase, the marketer will pay the youtuber fixed amount or pre-decided share for the same.

In precise terms, It is a type of performance or commission based marketing where companies pay affiliates for each product or service that they have sold to their customers.

It is gaining huge recognition and has become very important to promote your business online.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an organic or unpaid type of digital marketing. Search Engine optimization is a type of organic activity that is performed to optimize the content or website in such a way that it ranks up in the search results of search engines.

Keywords play a massive role in deciding your ranking in Search engine result page. However, the keywords used in SEO deliver late results as compared to keywords that you have paid for in SEM. Various SEO tools can help you with keyword planning for your content. I came across this informative blog published by Untapped on Best SEO tools.

SEO is an integral part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Hence, it should be paid minute attention. There are various on page and off page techniques like improving HTML structure, sitemaps, forums, directory submissions, etc. in search engine optimization.  These are excellent sources for backlinking and should be implied to your website strategy.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is nothing but promoting your goods, services or brand using videos. A smart marketer should always include video marketing as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

Have you ever wondered what the second best search engine is?

It’s Youtube. (Google is first.)

It has an enormous amount of data. It is not only readily available but useful. It helps in SEO as well as conversions. You can easily connect to your target audience through video marketing.

Companies are making corporate videos, explainer videos, thematic video, trade show videos, how-to videos, explainer, just to help their audience with whatever they are looking for. It is an inclusive part of a content marketing strategy as well.

There are chances that video marketing will be the platform for 80% of web traffic by the end of 2019. Make sure you don’t lag behind.

6. Live Chat

Live Chat is one of the trending digital marketing strategies for your business.

Let’s understand how?

Suppose a customer visits your website to buy a product, take some service or to clarify some doubts.

What are the options for making contact with you?

1.    Visit your contact us page, search for your email address and drop you mail.

2.    Make a call and tell the relevant issues.

But do you know what the easiest way is?

Live Chat

If you have live chat option on your website, the customer will open the tab and type the need or problem. It is like a social media chat platform. The queries are resolved very quickly, and the chances of bounce rate are very less.

This is what you are looking for, right?

Communication strategy is very crucial for any business, and live chat makes it easy. No one has the patience to wait for ages for the email response or to spend money on calls.

There are various companies already using Live Chat. Before it’s too late, make sure you use live chat, an online customer service software for your business.

Final Note
Now you know different types of platforms that can help you in promoting your business online. If you are still not sure how to move ahead, try our free Website analysis with just a click. It will help you to decide how to stand and move forward of your competitors. Get in Touch now!

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WheelStreet Case Study (SEO)

WheelStreet Case Study (SEO)


Wheelstreet is India’s largest bike rental company, aiming to make bike renting a hassle free business. Wheelstreet is well established in 150+ cities and is on an expansion mode. Wheelstreet holds 40% of the market share and is the biggest player in bike renting space in India with a vision of becoming the pioneer of the market.

Wheelstreet has 1000+ vendors and has successfully achieved 100,000+ happy riders. Amazing, Isn’t it? It operates across the global and provides millions of people opportunities to explore the world. Wheelstreet is operating in more than 15 countries now. Wheelstreet team is driven young, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who believe “ Team work makes the dream work.”


Wheelstreet had two main objectives:

  •  To generate more relevant traffic 
  • To generate more bookings and more revenue. 

We assessed monthly traffic was already good but number of conversion was not very good. The Google SERP rankings in most of the cities was also going down.


Our team recognised that though the traffic is good but we are not ranking for most of the relevant keywords across all the cities and traffic that we are getting is majorly attracted by the blog itself. There was a dire need to mould and redirect the traffic to the main city pages so that the conversion rate could be improved. 


  1. After detailed research we found out that  navigation on the website was not user friendly and steps involved from entering website to final booking are way too much. So, the first action that we took was either elimination of unnecessary steps or merging them with the other steps. 

2. To improve ranking we took a deep dive and shifted our focus towards the top competitors. We found out that the existing content on the website is not of good quality and does not include relevant LSI keywords, Headers and tags. We also found out that the interlinking structure of the website is poor which resulted in poor user experience. The existing content was stuffed with unnecessary keywords which was prone to attract google penalty. Therefore the first thing that we did was changed almost all the content of the website.

3. Earlier rent displayed on the Bike page was based on rent per day system.  Even though it was less than the competitors but it seemed higher as the competitors used rent per hour method. So we changed pricing model of wheelstreet to hourly basis.

4. Search appearance of Wheelstreet on the google was not appealing enough to  make people click on the link. Therefore we changed the meta title and description and made them catchy. It helped us to achieve a good CTR.

5. We know that more than 90% of people in India browse internet through their mobile device. Therefore we used AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), designed specially for mobiles. AMP have faster speed and take less time to load and consume less internet data of users. Bringing AMP on board was a win win situation and it helped in increasing Avg CTR from 7.2% to 8.9%

Tools Used:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Keywords Planner
  • LSI Graphs
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google AMP validator

Services Used:

  • Content and Creatives
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Optimization


With collated efforts from both sides we were able to achieve 130% Organic conversion growth, 106% growth in revenue and 120% growth in transaction in Six months.

Website URL Keywords Position bike on rent in delhi 1 bike on rent in mumbai 1 bike on rent in Kolkata 1 Bike on Rent in Chandigarh 1 bike on rent in chennai 1

This is how we helped Wheelstreet augment its Traffic and Profits using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Get in Touch for free website audit and improved results.

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Case Study National Institute of Medical Science

Case Study National Institute of Medical Science
(Online & Offline Marketing)


Nims University has emerged as the largest and best self-financed university in North-India. Structured at par with the composite model universities of the leading nations of the world, the Nims University has been legendary in quality teaching and action-oriented research in all disciplines. Adjacent to the Aravali ranges and located in the outskirts of the pink city of India, the University has been listed in the top ten medical universities in India. 

It is heading towards a leading center of education in health sciences to human sciences, technical training to advanced engineering, personnel management to corporate management, creative literature to innovative multimedia, art, and architecture.

Nims University is a great platform for students from across the globe who are aspiring to become future leaders. With impeccable academic results, it draws its faculties Indian and international institute with big name and works like IIT’s, IIT’s and NIT’s.


Due to negative publicity in the media in 2014, the number of admissions fell drastically from Approx 2000 per year to 300 per year in 2015 and kept fluctuating year after year. NIMS had their in-house marketing team, which was not able to increase the admission count. The problem was getting critical with the passing years as it was not only affecting universities name but also number of admissions

Both offline and online marketing budget was more than 4 Crore, but the ROI was very low. Ad campaigns, both online and offline, were not performing well. In online campaigns, CPC was very high, and ad quality score was very low. Consultant fee was as high as 50k/admission. The cost bar of the company was on the higher side and the returns were getting low. Company was facing various challenges in terms of marketing resource allocation as well the decreasing rate of students. 

The budget was bifurcated as described below:

Year 2017
Paper ads1 Cr
Digital media20 Lakhs
Consultant charges50k/ Student
Banners and Hoarding20 Lakhs
Admission Count500 Approx


Our team did a detailed research and tried to analyse the loopholes in the process. We tried to work on the problems before putting our entire focus on the working areas. These were some of the major challenges:

  • First thing that we found out was that all the ad campaigns were not functioning well. 
  • Leads which they were getting was not of good quality therefore conversion rate was also poor.
  •  Limited reach and poorly managed campaigns were also a cause of concern. 
  • We also realised that when someone enquired about NIMS university using search engines, they used to get negative links in the top results which was also a cause of concern since negative image prevented students from taking admission. 

All these factors created a bad image in the minds of students which even lead to spread of word of mouth. Next step was to strategise and work on the improvement process.


A team of marketing professionals worked on the strategic goals that will improve the overall traffic and admissions.

  1. First Step was to restructure whole ad campaign. Idea was clear since the existing campaign was not in good shape and there was no scope for improvement, we created new campaign and kept them in structured and organised manner. We created new landing pages, Fresh ad copies were written and overall quality score was improved to make ads more relevant. 
  2. Earlier quality of leads was poor, so we restructured the landing page. To improve lead quality we made phone number and OTP verification compulsory. It improved the leads quality and those who were really interested in taking admission filled the form.
  3. Earlier in Facebook campaign the target audience was not set, Neither the age group was defined. We divided facebook campaign in two different groups: one targeting students of 16-24 and the other one targeting the parents age 35-55.
  4. Budget for offline marketing, which was not yielding any results, was reduced and more focus was given on online promotion. Earlier most of the budget was spent on paper ads, Banners & Hoarding and consultant charges that was reduced to a great extent.
  5. Due to the negative links on google, NIMS was going down in terms of reputation so we took requisite measures to remove those links. We focused on branding and reputation management using all channels(Social Media, Search Engine, Content Marketing as well as offline channels like hoarding Educational Fairs etc)

Tools Used:

  • Facebook
  • Google Keywords Planner
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Webmaster

Services Used:

  • Content and Creatives
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management

Results (We Delivered):

Year 2018
Services Budget
Paper ads 0
Digital media 28 Lakhs
Consultant charges 0
Offline Banners and Hoarding + Edu Fairs 15 Lakhs
Admission Count 1700 Approx

Since campaign launch, we did not only cut costs, but also skyrocketed profits.

Can we help you? 

Contact Us!

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Types of Digital Marketing Strategies that you should definitely consider in 2019

‘Digital Marketing’ a small word with tremendous scope.

And if you are here, you definitely understand the potential that Digital Marketing holds.

Now, before getting down to the types of Digital Marketing Strategies, it is vital to understand, ‘What is Digital Marketing?’

In simple words, Digital Marketing refers to the promotion of products or services using the electronic medium on online platforms.

The rate of advancement of technologies and digitalization is increasing, and companies are planning to have the best internet marketing and web promotion strategy. There are various web promotion and online promotion agencies that are running successful digital campaigns for brands to skyrocket their business growth.

Digital marketing strategies are a must for scaling up the business charts of your brand. Companies are now creating captivating digital campaigns for generating more and more business. Some of the renowned brands that achieved substantial digital success are Airbnb, Zappos, Mint, American Express, Amazon, etc. etc. etc.

Wait a second; do you have a defined digital marketing strategy for your business?

If not, check this out…

.Source: Hosting Facts

 Need more reasons to have a digital marketing framework for your success?

1. To beat the competitors that are ready to eat your market share. (Without even a burp)

2. To capture the market that is still left untouched.

3. To have the complete track record for your digital activities.

4. To have a global presence with cost-effective and quick results.

(6S Marketers and Innovation can help you with the best digital marketing services and outcomes.)

5. To connect with your audience through intimate interactions.

6. To practice flexibility by putting a stop on the effective campaigns and programs as and when needed.

So, now you know the importance of targeted digital marketing strategy for your business.

The next important thing is choosing the right type of digital marketing strategy for your business.  Every strategy has its benefits that can create a unique brand identity for your business. Make sure you read them thoroughly and take time to decide on choosing the best one for you.

The various types of Digital Marketing Strategies that you should consider in 2019 are:

Content Marketing

It is a type of marketing that is a must for every business these days. Let us consider an example to understand the concept of Content Marketing.

Whenever you have a doubt, you open the search engine and type your query.

 What do you see?

A lot of content that is ready to help you with your query.

People are marketing their content all around the world to help their audience for whatever they are looking for. They create relatable content which helps in building emotional connections with their audience. There are different ways of presenting your content to the users. Some of them are videos, blogs, infographics, EBooks, case studies etc.

In simple words,

 Content Source: Content Marketing Institute.

       Companies like Cisco, P&G, Microsoft, etc. are making use of content marketing strategies to spread awareness about the brand. Content creation is an art. It uses a perfect blend of storytelling, originality and useful information.

       Content marketing focuses on understanding who our target audience is. It is helping not only B2C companies but also B2B companies. It is used widely on social media as well as drives search engine traffic.

       There is a cycle that the entire content management system follows for effective content marketing. Do you know the Content Marketing Process?

         The illustrative process of content marketing explained by File Stage is:

 So, don’t lose your customers by ignoring content marketing, as it one of the best types of digital marketing strategies. If ‘Digital Marketing is the king, Content Marketing is the queen.’

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is new in town and still the talk of the town. It is an interesting social media marketing technique gaining limelight in today’s world.

In this, the brands and companies ask influencers (or social media influencers) to promote their products or services. These influential people do advertisements and attract their target audience and direct them to buy the product or service.

Influencer Marketing is very common on social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. these days. You might have seen influencers like Amitabh Bachan and Virat Kohli influencing you to download theJust dial app or buy products from Puma. This is how influencers are capturing the target audience from the market.

The other renowned lifestyle influencer from Instagram is Jannid. She has a large number of followers, and her clientele list includes brands like Lee, Reebok, Maybelline, etc.

3. Mobile Marketing

Every time you open your mobile phone, what do you see?

A lot of messages or app notifications from companies who are promoting their products or services or provoking you to buy one..

This is the mobile marketing strategy used by these companies. Wendy Clark famously said, “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.”

And, I agree entirely with this. Along with food, water, and shelter, a mobile phone has become a necessity these days. All the different types of digital marketing strategies can be operated on your mobile phone. And, the number of users active on mobile phones is increasing day by day.

In simple words, when you perform any kind of marketing activities on mobile devices. It is called mobile advertising. SMS services, App based services; Location Based services are gaining immense importance. Nowadays, even internet marketing and web promotion agencies are focusing on Mobile optimized sites and apps.

What are You waiting for?

4. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is an essential type of digital advertising. Search engine marketing aims at ranking on the search engines like Google for generating leads, increasing website traffic or achieving the required target.

It is a paid form of advertising that makes use of a search engine for the promotion of its products or services. SEM takes place when marketer or company is ready to pay search engines like Google, a pre-decided amount to show their ads on SERP (Search engine result pages) for specific keywords.

This example will make you understand the Concept of Search Engine Marketing.

You can very well see, that companies like Amazon, Redmi have paid Google to show their results when a user type keyword “best mobile phone.” This is known as search engine marketing. However, it is done for a specified price and specified time.

If you think search engine marketing is not your thing, get in touch with the digital marketing company it will provide you end to end digital marketing services.

 So, these are the various types of digital marketing strategies that you should definitely consider in 2019.


The marketing industry is very dynamic. With emerging concepts like artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning, the scope of online marketing is getting wider. Various other types of digital marketing activities are crucial for your business. Every kind of strategy has its uniqueness.To run your business successfully, you should always pace up with the current digital marketing trends, tools, patterns and channels. A successful digital campaign can be run only if you use the right mix of all these types into your digital marketing. If you are not generating the targeted results, get connected to leading digital marketing company.

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