Google’s New Two Link Attributes !!

Google Introduced Two New Link Attributes

Till date, we have two types of links dofollow and nofollow, where dofollow is considered more potent in comparison to nofollow. For many nofollow link, attribute has no value. But in reality, it has significant importance like the dofollow link attribute, all one needs to do is to optimize them wisely and get the most from search engine. We will not get into deep on this as there is something more interesting that you would love to know.

Today Google announced two new links attributes. 

According to Google, new attributes help them to understand links better. The new link attributes are the following:

rel=”sponsored”: This link attribute indicates that a particular link has been created as a part of the sponsorship, advertising or anything similar.

rel=”ugc”: This link attribute appears within user-generated content, for instance in comments and forum posts.

The above two link attributes were added to rel=”nofollow.” These two link attributes will be used to determine ranking signals. It simply means either of three can’t be ignored.

Here is what Google has to say on it:

“Links contain valuable information that can help us improve search, such as how the words within links describe the content they point at. Looking at all the links we encounter can also help us better understand unnatural linking patterns. By shifting to a hint model, we no longer lose this important information, while still allowing site owners to indicate that some links shouldn’t be given the weight of a first-party endorsement.”

Things You Need to Know

To avoid any link scheme penalties, it is still vital to flag sponsored links and ads. Google appreciates if you use the rel=”sponsored” link attribute but using the rel=”nofollow” is still fine.


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How to Use New Link Attributes

Individually you can use both new links attributes the same as we are using the nofollow attribute. The interesting thing is you can use more than one attribute on a single link. For instance, mentioning rel=”ugc sponsored” is the best way to define a sponsored link that occurs within user-generated content.

Apart from the nofollow, new link attributes sponsored & ugc go into effect today. Until March 2020, nofollow will be treated as a hint.

Need of New Link Attribution

Back in 2004, Google introduced nofollow link attribute to overcome comment spam. After that, it is being used to flag ads or sponsored links. Nofollow attributes help the websites to avoid link scheme penalties.

As you know that dofollow links pass the link juice while nofollow doesn’t. Till date, Google has only two ways to determine links, but after introducing new link attributes, Google is now capable of getting a better idea or hint from the link type.  It will help the algorithm to decide whether the particular link should be given any ranking benefit or it should be ignored entirely.

Have any questions? Let us know in the comment section. Apart from that, feel free to share your thoughts.

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Google Updates & Algorithms

Google is one of the best search engines worldwide. It has never failed to amaze its audience with high-quality user experience and search results. It is all possible because of the continuous Google updates.

 The changes in the Google Algorithms help in giving relevant and specific results of the query. Google’s updates removed duplicate content, spammy sites and much more, making it a place worth trust. This is why it is the best search engine across the world.

Google Top Heavy Update (2012)

Google Top Heavy Update was the first official update. It was rolled out to prevent websites that are loaded with unnecessary many advertisements on a single page.

Google Exact Match Domain Update (September 2012)

There was a time when it was very simple to rule any particular keyword. This was done by simply registering a domain name that consists of the keyword. Google Exact Match Domain update filtered out all the domains that have poor content.

Google Pirate Update (August 2012)

Google was always strict about plagiarism. In 2012, Google launched a Pirate update to analyze and filter out the sites that have many copyright infringement reports. Because of this update today you can get fresh and unique resources on every single site.

 Google Payday Update (June 2013)

Payday update is specially rolled out to clean up the search results from spammy queries like payday loan, pornographic and various other heavily spammed queries.

Google Hummingbird Update (September 2013)

Google Hummingbird is one of the most important updates from Google till date. It is an algorithm that ensures that every query that user put in Google’s search engine has some meaning. Before this Google displayed results just by matching the keywords.

Google Pigeon Update (July 2014)

Pigeon update was rolled out specifically for Google’s U.S. English SERPs. It was launched to provide relevant, useful and accurate local search results. With these updates, users are able to find the local listing easily.

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Google Penguin Update (April 2012)

Google Penguin update was kind of a nightmare for webmasters who were using black hat SEO or other spammy techniques to rank their websites. Google Penguin update penalizes all the websites that buy links, works with link networks, etc.

 Google Panda Update (February 2011)

Google Panda is one of the biggest and most famous updates from the giant search engine. This update targeted sites that have low-quality content. Before the Panda updates, people used to rank their sites without providing enough information.

 Google Mobile-Friendly Update (April 2015)

When smartphones are started dominating the feature phones in the market, Google launched its Mobile-Friendly update. As the name suggests it is an update that helps the website rank well in the SERP that are purely optimized for smartphones.

 These are some of the major updates from Google. Apart from these, Google also launched a few major algorithms namely Rankbrain that paved a new way for marketers and users of Google. For more such updates, stay in touch.

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Why Google Is A Global Leader In Terms Of Search Engine?

To find the answer to this question, many of you used  Google. This is the power of Google!

According to Wikipedia, Google is the most used search engine on the world wide web across all platforms, with approx 92.62 market share. It handles more than 5.4 billion searches each day. A big number. Right?

Many users love it because it gives the most relevant and specific results for its queries. It is very easy to understand and use. Google’s prioritized user-experienced and came up with the most friendly user-interface. Google even gave clear instructions to marketers through its continuous update for better results. Page Quality, number of links, content originality, spamming, etc are some of the factors that gained huge attention in the eyes of the company.

This graph by Sparktoro below will show you the real scope of Google:

6s Marketers

According to a report by, Bill Gates said: “[They] kicked our butts.” He stated this while speaking at the World Economic Forum, specifically referring to how’s Open Source roots have completely surpassed all of Microsoft’s attempts to insinuate itself into the Internet search engine business.

Here are some of the reasons as to why Google is the Global Leader in terms of search engines:


  • Voice Search


Google has created an open market for a wider audience with the help of its Voice Search. You can ask ‘Alexa’ to play your favorite song or Google Assistant to send your text message. It has made the use of search much easier for a larger target audience.


  • Maps


With just a click of a button, you can now know where to go, how to go and when will you reach. It has helped not only helped people but businesses like Uber and Ola, to flourish. Traveling was never so easy. It has attracted a lot of users and audiences. Businesses these days register themselves on Google to share the required details and improve visibility. 


  • Video Search


Google-owned video search engine, YouTube is competing the television market so tough. There are millions of viewers as well as creators on YouTube across the world. People spend hours scrolling videos about books, life, entertainment and much more. This is what differentiates makes Google the search engine leader.


  • Google Analytics


With one of the most amazing tools Google Analytics, Google has created a good name in the world. With the help of Google Analytics, users audit and analyze their websites and the reasons for its success or fall. It has made it easier for companies to evaluate and improvise their site completely from search engine purposes.


  • Google Adwords


Google Adwords is one of the most fantastic tools of Google. It has made advertising and managing the advertisements so easy. Now, you don’t have to keep large heaps of money to advertise or market yourself. You can set your daily budget and manage your campaign as and when needed.


  • Trust and Fund


Users have strong faith and trust in Google results. Google constantly updates and improves its algorithm to improve user experience. It has strong funding and is ever ready for its strong and innovative technological move. It is a highly used search engine across the world.


  • Local searches


Whenever you search for anything like the best digital marketing agency near me, you will very quickly get the best result. This is because Google excels in providing local search results. Both startups and big brands are taking advantage of this feature not only in India but in countries like the US. Its merge with Google Maps did all the wonders for users. 

So, these are some of the reasons why Google became the leader in terms of search engines. If you want to be found on Google, we can do it for you. Get in touch.

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Why On-page analysis is important before Off-page technique?

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most crucial elements of Digital Marketing. Many people have a myth that ‘SEO is dead.’ But it is wrong, SEO still stands as of the most successful factors for the success of the website. It helps in better brand building through increased authority. 

In this article, I will be discussing, why it is very important to analyze and optimize your on-page before starting your off-page activities. But before that, 

What is On-Page and Off-page SEO?

Any activity that is performed on the website to improve the SERP rankings and that you can control anytime is known as On-page SEO. Example, optimizing Meta Tags, Image Tags, etc. And, any steps taken off the website to build a strong brand name and improve SERP is known as Off-page SEO. The most common examples are building backlinks, Guest posts, QA forums, etc.

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Now, coming back to the question, 

Why On-page analysis is important before the Off-page technique? 

On-page SEO will not only be beneficial for search engine(s) but also for users. Hence, should be done on priority.


  • To provide the customer what they are looking for. 


These days, companies are too busy with their off-page SEO efforts that they forget to optimize on-page. When a customer reaches the website through backlinks, it finds something different. This generally happens when you have too many products to promote and you don’t optimize your website correctly.


  • For better crawling and readability


To depict ‘Who you are’. It is very essential to tell Google who you are and what you do. It is possible only if you optimize your on-page appropriately with the right keywords. It helps in better readability of your content by the bots. 


  • For Search engine listings


Google makes use of Meta tags for its listing. When a customer types a particular query, these listings are presented in front of the user for the query/keywords they type. You will miss a chance to be in SERP results if you don’t optimize your Title and description tags. 


  • For better Google Image Search Results:


If your website has a good number of images especially infographic and high quality, they stand a chance to be in SERP rankings. If you optimize alt text, your image can be accessed by users and then your web traffic can be increased.

Tips to improve your On-page SEO analysis:

On-page SEO analysis is not rocket science. It just needs little attention, in the beginning, to make things better and right in the future. Some of the tips are:

  • Prepare a list of Keywords that are a must in your business. You can use Google Keyword Planner or any other tool for keyword research. Don’t forget to use the brand and long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize your URL or rather choose a URL that has keywords in it. 
  • Optimize your header tags with your primary keywords. You can use SEO Quake or any other tool to inspect the header tags. Make sure your website’s H1, H2, and H3 are correctly optimized.
  • Meta Tags play a key role in listings by search engines. Meta Tags include the Title tag, Description Tags and Keywords are. Make sure you fill it correctly so that it looks search engine friendly and not spammy. 
  • Frame your content. It should be original and attractive to bring more customers. 
  • Optimize your image tags. The Alt-text can help you in improved Google image search results. 

So, these are some of the ways to optimize your on-page SEO activities. If you have still not analyzed your on-page activities, do it now as On-page analysis is a must before off-page techniques. If you are finding it troublesome, visit us, 6S Marketers, the best digital marketing agency. 


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Paid and Organic Technique in Digital Marketing

Today, Digital marketing is one of the most asked services in the world. And,  we don’t need to tell why everyone is looking to have the best digital marketing strategy for their businesses.  When someone consults for Digital marketing services, he or she will be encountered with terminology like paid and organic. So what are they?

In layman terms, paid and organic is the technique that digital marketer follows to meet client expectations. If a client wants to get quick results and ready to spend some extra money, then the digital marketer generally suggests going with paid marketing.

6S Marketers

6S Marketers

On the other hand, if the client has any long term evergreen product or service or something that lasts for years in the market, then the digital marketer recommends the organic way.

Difference Between Paid and Organic Digital Marketing

As mentioned above, paid marketing is one of the fastest ways to get desired results, but it is something that has a very high upfront cost. One of the biggest con of paid marketing is client needs to continue to spend his money regularly in order to acquire new leads. Getting leads via running ads is one of the popular methods of paid digital marketing.

Coming to organic digital marketing, then it is a kind of technique that guarantees you better credibility and trust. The only con of organic marketing is it takes a very long time to get desired results. SEO or search engine optimization is an excellent example of organic marketing.

Which One Should I Choose?

Well, it all depends on your needs. If you ask any wise digital marketer, then he will generally suggest you go with both of them. The ratio of both strategies will be different according to the nature of your business, products, or services.

Paid digital marketing gives your brand instant recognition while the organic one improves your brand credibility gradually. Once you start ranking organically, you can simply cut down the budget of paid marketing.


When you hire someone for Digital Marketing services, it is essential for you to choose the experienced one so that you don’t lose your hard-earned money without getting anything. As paid marketing gives quick results; you can judge anyone’s service easily, but when it comes to organic marketing, then for you it can be quite a gambling thing as

it is a long term process.

In our opinion, you need to hire someone who has a good track record or lifting brands or services, then no matter whether you are hiring an individual or company. 6S Marketers has helped various companies and startups in their digital growth. Be it SEO or SEM, we are always ready to help. Get in touch.


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Why Digital Agencies Play A Vital Role For Business Growth?

Digital marketing is growing and changing every passing day. It is going to be huge in the next few years. Everything is turning digital. Be it purchasing clothes, food, cars or anything, you can get it on your doorstep in just a day. All the major brands are taking a colossal jump in their growth and profits due to their unique digital strategy.

But where do they get this strategy?

An experienced and creative digital agency.

Yes, digital agencies are playing a massive role in the company’s business growth. And, when I say digital agency it doesn’t only means a website development company offering digital marketing services. But a result-driven and creative digital marketing agency, that provides strategic and unique end to end digital solutions for your company. Digital marketing companies decide the flow of work across your online platform and improve the quality of products/services with augmented engagement.

In this article, I will be discussing why digital agencies play a vital role in your business growth. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Market Research with new perspectives
  2. To cut costs
  3. Better online presence
  4. To get new blood to your business
  5. Quick monitoring and measurable results.
  6. To make a real connection with your audience
  7. For lead generation

This is why it is imperative to outsource your work to the right digital agency for work. Now, let’s discuss them in detail.


  • Market Research with new perspectives


Digital agencies are client-centric these days and have a great understanding of your brand and your products/services. They add new insights into your market knowledge with the help of their in-depth data analysis approach. Creative digital marketing agencies have an art of storytelling that helps you in connecting with your audience. 


  • To cut costs


Traditional methods of marketing are very costly as compared to modern digital marketing methods. Digital agencies are very promising, and they can cut your company costs to a great extent. They find out the loopholes in the process and rectify them with the best digital marketing strategies. 

To explain this better, let us take an example of the National Institute of Medical Science, a long term client of 6S Marketers, a creative digital marketing agency Bangalore. NIMS was facing a considerable fall in its returns as compared to investments. The budget was bifurcated as described below before hiring a digital:

6S Marketers that provide complete digital marketing services did detailed market research on NIMS and found unnecessary cost was involved for the admission of students. They came up with the best digital started strategies, after which the figures were: 

This is the power of Digital Agencies. Since the campaign launch, they did not only cut costs but also skyrocketed profits with more number of admission. This is why digital marketing agencies help in business growth.

This is the power of Digital Agencies. Since the campaign launch, they did not only cut costs but also skyrocketed profits with more number of admission. This is why digital marketing agencies help in business growth.


  • Better online presence


Nowadays, companies are too involved in the fulfillment of their tasks that they forget to represent their brand culture and focus on online reputation management. This is the time when digital marketing agencies hops in to take off your headache. They come with new ideas and maintain good public relations on social media and question-answer platforms.


  • To get new blood to your business.


It is essential to fill your organization with newness and expertise. The people of your organization should focus on what they can do best. This is why digital marketing companies exist. They expertise in their work, stay relevant to your industry and provide you a detailed report without any chaos. They have creative digital solutions for your branding. They give voice to your goals.


  • Quick monitoring and measurable results.


Digital marketers have tools to monitor and review your work every day. They not only promise but deliver a measurable result. They have a defined reporting structure. Digital marketing agencies know what is working for your business and whatnot. They come up with the best solutions, and that is why it is essential to hire digital agencies for your business growth.


  • To make a real connection with your audience.


Conveying brand message correctly is very important. Digital marketing agencies with the right blend of content and storytelling make a real connection with your audience. Answering their queries on time, taking reviews from them, etc. can help companies gain customer loyalty. Digital agencies make use of emotional and informational approaches to get to their audience.


  • For lead generation


‘Google is the King.’ and digital marketing agencies help you rule this king. They come with campaigns that can generate a massive number of leads. Digital marketing companies help in better SERP results and Google ranking, which in turn improves the visits and engagements on your website. More leads help your business to grow and expand faster. 

These are some of the reasons why your companies need digital marketing agencies to improve their business growth. Looking for a digital marketing agency for augmented growth and improved results. Get in touch!

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How To Write Meta Tags In SEO

Meta Tags are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. No matter how attractive a website you make, if it is not optimized properly with the right keywords, it can be severely affected. Every Digital marketing practitioner pays huge attention to improve meta tags of all the important web pages.

Meta tags are vital to improve your SEO rankings and get good SERP results. It helps you achieve your end goals like more visitors, engagement, actions, and profits. Many of you might be thinking it is so technical and tough to update meta tags, but it is not. You don’t have to be a programmer or IT developer for that. Just follow some simple steps mentioned below, and it is done.

6s Marketers

But before that let us understand,

“ What are Meta Tags?”

Meta tags are snippets of text that tell the search engines about the content present on the webpage through short and keyword word optimized descriptions. Meta tags are implemented on web pages that you want to get indexed by the search engine(s) like Google. There are various elements in Meta Tags. You should have unique and keyword-optimized content for these Meta Tags:


  • Title Tags :


These tags are present on the top of your browser. They play a crucial role in the site optimization process. The right set of keywords should be used for Title tags. Search engines refer them as the ‘title of your page’ and include them in their site listings.


  • Description Tags


These tags give a short description of your entire web page. It should not be too spammy or big and should contain all the relevant information in a short and precise way.


  • Keyword Tags


These tags do not hold much relevance these days as many search engines have removed this option. However, if you have, you should definitely consider it. Under this, you include the most relevant keywords of your webpage. It is imperative to choose keywords from a user perspective.


  • Robot Attribute


These attributes are fundamental as they help in telling search engine(s) what is to be done with your webpages. You have to decide index/noindex and follow/no follow for your webpages.

6s Marketers

These tags if set and optimized right, can do wonders to your SERP rankings.

How to add meta tags to your website?

Meta tags are the prime thing when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Meta tags are not viewable on the webpage but hidden in the <head> section. In today’s SEO, only title and description tags are given more importance.

Adding a meta tag to the website is very easy. All you need to do is edit the <head> section. Your meta code looks something like below example:


<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″>

<title>Add Your Meta Title Here</title>

<meta name=”description” content=“Add Your Meta Description Here.”>

<meta name=”keywords” content=“Add Your Keywords Here. Separated by Commas. i.e. SEO, Webpage, Technology, WordPress“>


When HTML page is created, the http-equiv code is automatically added. So you need to add the further code. Change the bold content as per your web page content. You can skip the meta keywords as they don’t add any value.

If you are using WordPress, then you can change the meta without much effort. You can add a meta title and description by using installing plugins like Yoast SEO.

This way, you can easily do Meta Tags SEO for your website.

Importance of Meta Tags:

If you are planning on having an impactful and strategic SEO plan, you should consider Meta Tags. These tags are essential for:

  • Improving brand reputation.
  • Better Google and SERP rankings.
  • Impacting Click through rates positively.
  • Instructing the web crawlers and bots.
  • Better Google image and voice searches.

So these were some of the tips for Meta Tags SEO. If you are still facing problems in SEO, Contact Us. We are always ready to help. 

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5 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic !!

Nowadays, there are millions of websites available on the internet, competing for more traffic and visitors. Out of them, only a few sites outrank and master the Google rankings. Many people have a myth that only search engine optimization activities can help them with more visitors. But it is wrong.

Struggling to get more traffic and engagement to your website?

Tried every single method and still not getting results?

If yes, the problem is enormous as it can affect your business severely.


Today, I will be sharing 5 ways to increase your website traffic fast:

  1. Optimize your existing content
  2. Focus on quality, not quantity
  3. Social Media is the key
  4. Steal your competitor’s traffic
  5. Don’t ignore QA websites

Let’s discuss them in detail.


  • Optimize your existing content


Before heading to any other technique for increasing the website traffic, it is imperative to optimize the existing content. Various tools can give you complete insight into your domain. You can very easily find what the keywords on which you rank are, what are your top pages, How many visitors per day/month, page views, traffic sources, average time on the site, etc.

Once you keenly check what is working for you and whatnot, you can easily decide how to move ahead. So optimizing your content with the right keywords, working on broken links, improving meta tags, header tags, alt tags, etc. can help a lot.


  • Focus on quality, not quantity


It is one of the best ways to get traffic. Plan your SEO strategically. Instead of running behind the numbers focus on the quality of backlinks. Be it guest posting, social bookmarking, image submission, or any other backlinking platform; your prime concern should be picking up a high PA/DA website and making a quality backlink for your portal.

Quantity is substantial but not at the stake of quality backlinks. Make a defined SEO plan which should include your on-page SEO strategies and off-page SEO strategies. It is beneficial to increase web traffic.


  • Social Media is the key.


It is essential to be present everywhere on the web. It helps in improving your brand awareness and brand reputation. Optimize and share content in the best ways across all social media platforms. Create curated content and post it at the right time of the day.

It is vital to add the Follow and sharing buttons. Take more reviews on your social platforms; don’t be spammy and post too much. Many renowned companies and marketers are making use of social media platforms according to their type and size of business to get more and more traffic on websites.


  • Steal your competitor’s traffic


Do a detailed analysis of your competitors’ traffic source and plan better than them. This can help you increase your traffic. There are various tools like a Similar Web that will help you to know the SEO details of your competitors.

Once you know, the format of their posting, the number of backlinks they make per day, the length of their blog posts, their traffic sources and various other significant details, you will have a goldmine. You just have to be a step ahead of them and perform better than them.


  • Don’t ignore QA websites.


‘Customers are kings.’ Question-Answer platforms are the best ways to interact with your potential customers. Through QA forums, good interpersonal relations can be built.  There are various QA websites like,, etc. that has made it much more manageable.

People feel contented when companies fill their informational needs, and QA websites are the best place for them. You can even frame long answers with appropriate keywords; it helps in improving your Google rankings. QA is one of the most effective ways to increase your website traffic.

So, these were the five best ways to increase traffic for your website. There are various other tactics, too for the engagement of your audience. But, these five works the best. If you are still not sure about how to move ahead for improved traffic, get in touch!

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Know These 6 Techniques to Get Quality Backlinks !!!

Links are the heartbeat of SEO. Links get you the right traffic to your website. Thousands of companies these days are running behind Search Engine Optimization for long term engagement and visitors. Link Building is one of the most crucial elements of SEO. Many people believe that Link Building is tough, but it is no rocket science and can be done easily once you know the right techniques.

But before starting with techniques, let’s begin with “What are backlinks?” Backlinks are the incoming or inbound links to the entire website or web page. It helps in improving page or domain authority and hence better SERP results.

In this article, we will discuss the best seven techniques to get quality backlinks:

  1.   Guest Posting
  2.   Infographics
  3.   Competitors Backlinks
  4.   Document and PPT submission
  5.   Improve Content Formats
  6.   Social Media Sharing

Let’s understand them in detail:

Guest Posting:

It is one of the oldest and the best ways of getting quality backlinks. One should always choose a website that has higher page authority and domain authority for guest blogging or posting. The backlinks made on more top PA/DA websites are of high authority and helps you get a relevant audience for your website.

Famous bloggers suggest using “Large size content with right anchor text and lots of information for guest posting,” as it may improve the probabilities of the post to be seen and linked by others on their pages. Guest posting is a must strategy for Link Building.


Infographics are gaining immense importance in the world of link building. Infographics attract a large number of visitors to your website and are one of the most effective ways of getting a quality backlink.

I came across this beautiful post by Venngage which is not only a great example of infographic but also shares four steps to create an infographic.


       Competitor analysis is a critical factor for any digital success. One should always know who are the key competitors in the niche, market or industry they are about to compete. Various tools provide a detailed report of your competitor’s backlinks and activities.

Competitor’s analysis answers various questions like:

  • How many links have to be made?
  • What should be the word count of your post?
  • Which sites are gaining most traffic?
  • How many images are used per post?
  • What are the title and descriptions?

And many more such questions. Get the links of your competitors and produce more and better than them. You can start ranking fast with this strategy.

Document and PPT Submission

Another great technique to get quality links for your website is PPT submission and document sharing websites. Companies these days offer ebooks and free guides to its users. These Ebooks and other useful information documents if submitted to document and PDF sharing websites can help you get quality Backlinks.

There are various PPT submission websites like Slideshare, where you can submit your content and get a good number of visitors and engagement for your website.


Improve Content Formats

Content Marketing is getting huge and has gained a lot of importance. You need content for anything and everything these days. It is imperative to plan and work on your content strategically.

However, planning content for Backlinks might be a bit different. It has been noticed that content formats like, “Infographics, Listicles, Videos, How to post and Why posts” are doing wonders to your SERP rankings. Improving content formats can get you a good number of backlinks.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media and Public Relations are becoming very impactful these days. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook; one can get good quality backlinks for their website. It is vital to plan your content appropriately as per the requirement of your platform and be consistent.

Infographics, videos, small posts work well on social media. Commenting can also help you get a good backlink for your website. So include, social media sharing in your backlink strategy.



Article marketing, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and Blog commenting are some of the renowned techniques to get quality backlinks for your websites. Make an appropriate plan with the right frequency to get quality backlinks for your website. Still in doubt? Contact Us.

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Importance of Image Optimization in Digital Marketing!!

Images play a crucial role in reducing the bounce rate. It is recommended to add a bunch of beautiful and relevant images to an article as it gives your potential visitors a reason to read and understand your piece of content carefully.


Nowadays, adding images is not enough. Most of you might be unaware, but images can land you a good amount of traffic. We all are putting our efforts to get better ranking in Google SERP, but how many of you thought about getting ranked on Google images? It gives you a lot of visitors, and sometimes it is much more in comparison to the one that you are getting from search results.


Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Now you might be thinking you need to do a lot for the SEO of your images, but you will be glad to know that you don’t have to do something out of the box to increase the visibility of your images in the search engine(s). Investing just a few minutes is enough.


                             First of all, you should know that there are multiple things that you need to consider to get better ranking for instance image size, image type, renaming images with right keywords, etc. but here we will talk about the most crucial factor which is Alt text.

So What is Alt Text?

Alt Text also called “alt descriptions” and “alt tags.” It is a written copy that shows in place of an image when it fails to load on a webpage. It represents the nature and contents of the image to the web viewers. Alt tags help to describe the image to screen reading tools like Serotek System Access to visually impaired readers. It also helps the search engines to understand the image better.

Alt Tag Location

Image tag contains the alt text:


alt=”samsung_galaxy_s8″ />.

Search engines are not able to read images uploaded by the user. This is why it becomes very important to add and optimize images for better crawling. It helps in improving your image visibility as search images bots understand the optimized images better for a query. 


How to optimize your image?

If you are using CMS like WordPress, then adding alt tags to images is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to WordPress Dashboard>All Post> Click on the Post that contains the image(s) you want to update > Click on the image and then pencil icon> Fill the Alternative Text with your alt tag or keyword and hit the Update button. That’s it you are done!

Importance of Alt Tags in Digital Marketing

Image SEO is one of the most underrated tactics, but people who are aware of it are fetching a good amount of traffic from the search engine(s). There are cases when the website is getting thousands of traffic just because any of its images are getting ranked. Apart from that know the fact that getting rank on Google Images has nothing to do with your ranking on Google SERP. You can rank for your images from the first day as soon it is indexed by the search engine(s). This is the reason why digital marketers are taking image SEO seriously and invest a pretty good time in defining alt tags.


Be it a product website or a service website, digital marketers give immense importance to image optimization. When you do SEO of images, you should always include your important keywords. Adding alt tags can improve the reach of your image and give you a lot more visitors and engagement.  If you want significant google images rankings, start optimizing your images today. 


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