6 Types of Digital Platforms to Promote Your Business Online

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People these days, spend more than half of their time in front of tech platforms. Digital marketing is making its way in the life of people so quickly. Right from buying morning toothpaste to goodnight blankets, people prefer going online. Be it startups, established brands, creators, or MNC’s everyone is selling online.

To achieve your targets and strategic goals, it has become a mandate to leverage all the digital platforms efficiently. Developing a website won’t work now; one needs a result-driven and innovative digital marketing strategy to promote their business online.

These are 6 Types of Digital Platforms that will help you to promote your business online:

1.Email Marketing

What is the first thing that websites asks for when you open them?


And, when you put up your email address, you receive emails from this company regularly. What is this? This is an email marketing strategy used by companies to spread awareness about the good or service they are offering. Email marketing is going to be the next big thing in the world of internet promotion.

Email Marketing is one of the most widely used types of digital marketing strategy. It helps in building valuable relationships with your customers which can further get you traffic and conversions on your website.

Nowadays, email marketing is not only confined to buying lists and directories from companies and sending too many annoying mails. It is much more advanced and personalized approach. It was also ranked as the best digital marketing strategy in 2018.

If you subscribe to the newsletter of digital marketing training institute, you will find digital marketing pdf, digital marketing syllabus, and much more useful content on your emails every day. This is how email marketing is growing.

Here are some of the tips that you must consider while writing an email to your prospective audience:

●     Always try to personalize your email. Make sure you write like you are talking to that person.

●     Choose a picky yet straightforward subject line.

●     Make your greeting warm enough

●     Don’t keep your main content or message vague or too long.

●     Give a thankful closing.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic form of digital marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing

Anything that is happening around the world reaches you in minutes. What’s the source? Social Media!

Whether it is a person, company or brand, you can find all on social. Likes, dislikes, fans, followers are the common terms used by everyone these days. Social Media is creating a significant impact on people’s lives.

But then, what is Social Media Marketing?

Whenever people or companies make use of social media platforms to market their goods and services, it is simply known as Social Media Marketing.

Now, Why Social Media Marketing always a priority in the types of digital marketing strategy?


The next question is how social media marketing strategy is helpful for your business?

●     Improved Brand awareness

●     Larger customer base and retention

●     A cost-effective platform for promotion

●     To influence the audience to purchase

●     Better search engine rankings and conversions

So these are some of the reasons why you should adopt a social media marketing strategy to augment your business.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever noticed a tech niche YouTuber asking you to buy the tech products like earphones, charger etc. from the link provided by him/her in the Youtube section?

If yes, then you very well know what affiliate marketing is.

Also, if you click on the link provided by that youtuber and make a purchase, the marketer will pay the youtuber fixed amount or pre-decided share for the same.

In precise terms, It is a type of performance or commission based marketing where companies pay affiliates for each product or service that they have sold to their customers.

It is gaining huge recognition and has become very important to promote your business online.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an organic or unpaid type of digital marketing. Search Engine optimization is a type of organic activity that is performed to optimize the content or website in such a way that it ranks up in the search results of search engines.

Keywords play a massive role in deciding your ranking in Search engine result page. However, the keywords used in SEO deliver late results as compared to keywords that you have paid for in SEM. Various SEO tools can help you with keyword planning for your content. I came across this informative blog published by Untapped on Best SEO tools.

SEO is an integral part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Hence, it should be paid minute attention. There are various on page and off page techniques like improving HTML structure, sitemaps, forums, directory submissions, etc. in search engine optimization.  These are excellent sources for backlinking and should be implied to your website strategy.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is nothing but promoting your goods, services or brand using videos. A smart marketer should always include video marketing as a part of their digital marketing strategy.

Have you ever wondered what the second best search engine is?

It’s Youtube. (Google is first.)

It has an enormous amount of data. It is not only readily available but useful. It helps in SEO as well as conversions. You can easily connect to your target audience through video marketing.

Companies are making corporate videos, explainer videos, thematic video, trade show videos, how-to videos, explainer, just to help their audience with whatever they are looking for. It is an inclusive part of a content marketing strategy as well.

There are chances that video marketing will be the platform for 80% of web traffic by the end of 2019. Make sure you don’t lag behind.

6. Live Chat

Live Chat is one of the trending digital marketing strategies for your business.

Let’s understand how?

Suppose a customer visits your website to buy a product, take some service or to clarify some doubts.

What are the options for making contact with you?

1.    Visit your contact us page, search for your email address and drop you mail.

2.    Make a call and tell the relevant issues.

But do you know what the easiest way is?

Live Chat

If you have live chat option on your website, the customer will open the tab and type the need or problem. It is like a social media chat platform. The queries are resolved very quickly, and the chances of bounce rate are very less.

This is what you are looking for, right?

Communication strategy is very crucial for any business, and live chat makes it easy. No one has the patience to wait for ages for the email response or to spend money on calls.

There are various companies already using Live Chat. Before it’s too late, make sure you use live chat, an online customer service software for your business.

Final Note Now you know different types of platforms that can help you in promoting your business online. If you are still not sure how to move ahead, try our free Website analysis with just a click. It will help you to decide how to stand and move forward of your competitors. Get in Touch now!

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