A fresh robots.txt tester comes with Bing Webmaster tools

This is another method that Bing will use to see if BingBot is capable or not to access the web pages.

The Robots Exclusion Protocol or Robots.txt tester is a webmaster protocol for governing the websites. It’s typically challenging for Webmasters to learn and obey all the appropriate robots.txt layouts and syntax. It means that robots are not suitable for either the search engine (while it increases the completeness and freshness of SERP) or the webmaster (decline in internet traffic). BWT Robots.txt Tester assists Webmasters in evaluating their robots.txt file and highlighting the obstacles that threaten Bing and other robots from being configured.


How will I get a new feature?

Within our Bing Webmaster tool account, we can activate this new functionality. You will get and function on this app. You only have to type your URL for Bing Bot and see if your URL is stored. So, what do you wait for? In Bing Webmaster Tools, use your URL and search with BingBot, test the accompanying snap to customize the latest features.

Test the file with robots.txt

  • To eliminate outlined syntax alerts and reasoning errors, access the application for your platform and continue with the robots.txt file. In the editor directly below is the total of the syntax alerts and reasoning mistakes.
  • In a text box at the end of the page, type the URL of your website.
  • In the application list on the right of the text window, pick the user-agent you would like to emulate.
  • To check entry, press the Check tab.
  • See whether the TEST click reads ACCEPTED or BLOCKED to determine if Google Web crawlers obstruct the URL you join.
  • Change the page file and return it if required. Remember that the page updates will not be stored on your website! Have next move.
  • Export the changes to the site’s robots.txt register. This method does not change the original file of your website but searches just for the tool’s copy.


Enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), BingBot and BingBot Ad to check the website, and access the file robots.txt from HTTP to HTTPS. This is a related device but separate from the Google search screen. After several years this functionality seems to be improved and making it easy for users to function.

You can see how the content appears at BingBot. If you need an indexing issue or rating issue for Bing, this is another way to see how Bing will navigate the websites in the toolbox.




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