Google’s updated GMB badge is accessible for $50 a month

Google My Business

In April 2019, Google evaluated the concept of subscription-based GMB facilities.

The customer security plan ‘Google Guaranteed’ is only for Google Advertising clients. Google has begun research to allow the badge for Google My Business (GMB) profiles accessible at a discount.

Google Advertising provides the Google Guaranteed customer security program. The system can be paid for by local businesses utilizing the ads network. A green checkmark occurs next to the Google surface lists when activated and the Google Assistant or Google Home audible validation can be used for audio inquiries.

On 22 July 2020, Google specialist Tom Waddington discovered that Google is selling a Google Guarantee credential as a Google My Business Account Update (GMB) to some of its clients.

The expense is $50 a month, according to the usual compliance requirements of Google Guaranteed including background examination and licensing approval. The program’s total expense will be $600, given the conditions are fulfilled for certification.

In conjunction with Local Services Ads, Google Guaranteed was implemented to build greater customer trust in the businesses revealed. However, it has also grown into a specific system for certifying the incorporation of local businesses in Google Home / Wizard search findings.

In the technology solutions segment, Google Guaranteed has been traditionally utilized. Google presented Google Screened last year on a similar model for professional services.

Why does Google charge to use GMB profiles with the Google Guarantee badge?

For companies using its publicity platform, Google Guarantee was a value-added service. It is easy to cover the cost to authenticate companies and to provide the consumer protection of this program with the amounts Google receives through advertising and pay for lead fees.

Because companies managing GMB profiles do not have to use Google Ads, the price of $50 / month can be intended to cover ad fee costs.

Chances to the businesses by Google.

In April 2019 Google sent to internet companies a small business owner survey. It questioned, amongst others, how many businesses will be able to spend for improved GMB and profile updates. The survey choices included checked profiles and Google Promised Certification.

According to the Commerce Department, there are around 30 million SMBs in the USA. Google has not released any publication yet believe that there are more than 20 million places inside the site (90 per cent of which are one-located companies) for more detailed collections of company listings available.


While progress is not assured, competitiveness will help to encourage the improvement of the Google Assured Profile. When the owner of company A recognizes its rival, owner B, the logo can produce profit value.

There are millions of future clients here as a business platform for Google. If Google succeeded, for example, is selling two million businesses who listed their offerings that would lead to $1.2 billion in annually produced sales. 

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