Google opens beta image extension applies search ads to the counts

RSAs provide more features and capabilities.

Google announced in May that it would reverse gallery advertising with image extensions.  On 15 July, Google released a beta image and also introduced predictive counting features to advertising.

Once the picture extensions are available and disabled on an ad display, you can see a single correct image next to your text ads. The beta is available to responsive search ads (RSA) and expanded search ads.

image extension

Manual or dynamic

Two methods are required for picture extensions. Whether you should post pictures linked to your advertising, or you can automatically select Google photos from your page. Pictures of 1200 x 1200 pixels would be a standard square format.

Results and eligibility

Tell your account manager if you have one to find out if you are qualified. Google claims image extensions also boosted conversions as well as click speeds. The Google study says that Hugo Boss, for instance, has seen an ROI growth of 2.5x and an improvement of 5% in click rate by utilizing image extensions for sensitive search advertising.

FYI, when you manage Microsoft Advertising ads, the program has provided image extensions at account, program and ad category rates since 2015. I do not understand quite but should check into image extensions that are compliant with the Google Import method.

Tracklistings of RSAs

Finally, with counting ad configurators you can insert interactive ad copy into your sensitive search advertising. Countdowns help you to automatically view when the deal finishes a sense of urgency in your advertising.

ads search

Is this image extension suitable for all and what are the outcomes?

The short reply is no. To make use of this smart feature, you must be registered. Ask your account manager if you do have one of those to figure out regarding your qualifications.

Concerning the effects of this image expansion, Google also reported that Hugo Boss has seen an ROI gain of 2.5 and also a click rate boost of 5 per cent for an RSAs image expansion.

If you manage Microsoft advertising campaigns since 2015, logo extensions have been sponsored at the level of product, program and marketing classes.


With the introduction of these two latest features to RSAs, Google is investing in this format aggressively. Only position, RSAs’ live here. I guess it is best to hop on the car and have another peek if the organization hasn’t played a scientist and experiment with RSAs.

This should be remembered that RSAs may not often surpass ETAS in certain situations, but such apps offer more options for you. One benefit is that you may use them as a reference for different innovations of ad text.

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