Importance of Image Optimization in Digital Marketing!!

Images play a crucial role in reducing the bounce rate. It is recommended to add a bunch of beautiful and relevant images to an article as it gives your potential visitors a reason to read and understand your piece of content carefully.


Nowadays, adding images is not enough. Most of you might be unaware, but images can land you a good amount of traffic. We all are putting our efforts to get better ranking in Google SERP, but how many of you thought about getting ranked on Google images? It gives you a lot of visitors, and sometimes it is much more in comparison to the one that you are getting from search results.


Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Now you might be thinking you need to do a lot for the SEO of your images, but you will be glad to know that you don’t have to do something out of the box to increase the visibility of your images in the search engine(s). Investing just a few minutes is enough.


                             First of all, you should know that there are multiple things that you need to consider to get better ranking for instance image size, image type, renaming images with right keywords, etc. but here we will talk about the most crucial factor which is Alt text.

So What is Alt Text?

Alt Text also called “alt descriptions” and “alt tags.” It is a written copy that shows in place of an image when it fails to load on a webpage. It represents the nature and contents of the image to the web viewers. Alt tags help to describe the image to screen reading tools like Serotek System Access to visually impaired readers. It also helps the search engines to understand the image better.

Alt Tag Location

Image tag contains the alt text:


alt=”samsung_galaxy_s8″ />.

Search engines are not able to read images uploaded by the user. This is why it becomes very important to add and optimize images for better crawling. It helps in improving your image visibility as search images bots understand the optimized images better for a query. 


How to optimize your image?

If you are using CMS like WordPress, then adding alt tags to images is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to WordPress Dashboard>All Post> Click on the Post that contains the image(s) you want to update > Click on the image and then pencil icon> Fill the Alternative Text with your alt tag or keyword and hit the Update button. That’s it you are done!

Importance of Alt Tags in Digital Marketing

Image SEO is one of the most underrated tactics, but people who are aware of it are fetching a good amount of traffic from the search engine(s). There are cases when the website is getting thousands of traffic just because any of its images are getting ranked. Apart from that know the fact that getting rank on Google Images has nothing to do with your ranking on Google SERP. You can rank for your images from the first day as soon it is indexed by the search engine(s). This is the reason why digital marketers are taking image SEO seriously and invest a pretty good time in defining alt tags.


Be it a product website or a service website, digital marketers give immense importance to image optimization. When you do SEO of images, you should always include your important keywords. Adding alt tags can improve the reach of your image and give you a lot more visitors and engagement.  If you want significant google images rankings, start optimizing your images today. 


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