5 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic !!

Nowadays, there are millions of websites available on the internet, competing for more traffic and visitors. Out of them, only a few sites outrank and master the Google rankings. Many people have a myth that only search engine optimization activities can help them with more visitors. But it is wrong.

Struggling to get more traffic and engagement to your website?

Tried every single method and still not getting results?

If yes, the problem is enormous as it can affect your business severely.


Today, I will be sharing 5 ways to increase your website traffic fast:

  1. Optimize your existing content
  2. Focus on quality, not quantity
  3. Social Media is the key
  4. Steal your competitor’s traffic
  5. Don’t ignore QA websites

Let’s discuss them in detail.


  • Optimize your existing content


Before heading to any other technique for increasing the website traffic, it is imperative to optimize the existing content. Various tools can give you complete insight into your domain. You can very easily find what the keywords on which you rank are, what are your top pages, How many visitors per day/month, page views, traffic sources, average time on the site, etc.

Once you keenly check what is working for you and whatnot, you can easily decide how to move ahead. So optimizing your content with the right keywords, working on broken links, improving meta tags, header tags, alt tags, etc. can help a lot.


  • Focus on quality, not quantity


It is one of the best ways to get traffic. Plan your SEO strategically. Instead of running behind the numbers focus on the quality of backlinks. Be it guest posting, social bookmarking, image submission, or any other backlinking platform; your prime concern should be picking up a high PA/DA website and making a quality backlink for your portal.

Quantity is substantial but not at the stake of quality backlinks. Make a defined SEO plan which should include your on-page SEO strategies and off-page SEO strategies. It is beneficial to increase web traffic.


  • Social Media is the key.


It is essential to be present everywhere on the web. It helps in improving your brand awareness and brand reputation. Optimize and share content in the best ways across all social media platforms. Create curated content and post it at the right time of the day.

It is vital to add the Follow and sharing buttons. Take more reviews on your social platforms; don’t be spammy and post too much. Many renowned companies and marketers are making use of social media platforms according to their type and size of business to get more and more traffic on websites.


  • Steal your competitor’s traffic


Do a detailed analysis of your competitors’ traffic source and plan better than them. This can help you increase your traffic. There are various tools like a Similar Web that will help you to know the SEO details of your competitors.

Once you know, the format of their posting, the number of backlinks they make per day, the length of their blog posts, their traffic sources and various other significant details, you will have a goldmine. You just have to be a step ahead of them and perform better than them.


  • Don’t ignore QA websites.


‘Customers are kings.’ Question-Answer platforms are the best ways to interact with your potential customers. Through QA forums, good interpersonal relations can be built.  There are various QA websites like answer.com, Quora.com, etc. that has made it much more manageable.

People feel contented when companies fill their informational needs, and QA websites are the best place for them. You can even frame long answers with appropriate keywords; it helps in improving your Google rankings. QA is one of the most effective ways to increase your website traffic.

So, these were the five best ways to increase traffic for your website. There are various other tactics, too for the engagement of your audience. But, these five works the best. If you are still not sure about how to move ahead for improved traffic, get in touch!

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