Know These 6 Techniques to Get Quality Backlinks !!!

Links are the heartbeat of SEO. Links get you the right traffic to your website. Thousands of companies these days are running behind Search Engine Optimization for long term engagement and visitors. Link Building is one of the most crucial elements of SEO. Many people believe that Link Building is tough, but it is no rocket science and can be done easily once you know the right techniques.

But before starting with techniques, let’s begin with “What are backlinks?” Backlinks are the incoming or inbound links to the entire website or web page. It helps in improving page or domain authority and hence better SERP results.

In this article, we will discuss the best seven techniques to get quality backlinks:

  1.   Guest Posting
  2.   Infographics
  3.   Competitors Backlinks
  4.   Document and PPT submission
  5.   Improve Content Formats
  6.   Social Media Sharing

Let’s understand them in detail:

Guest Posting:

It is one of the oldest and the best ways of getting quality backlinks. One should always choose a website that has higher page authority and domain authority for guest blogging or posting. The backlinks made on more top PA/DA websites are of high authority and helps you get a relevant audience for your website.

Famous bloggers suggest using “Large size content with right anchor text and lots of information for guest posting,” as it may improve the probabilities of the post to be seen and linked by others on their pages. Guest posting is a must strategy for Link Building.


Infographics are gaining immense importance in the world of link building. Infographics attract a large number of visitors to your website and are one of the most effective ways of getting a quality backlink.

I came across this beautiful post by Venngage which is not only a great example of infographic but also shares four steps to create an infographic.


       Competitor analysis is a critical factor for any digital success. One should always know who are the key competitors in the niche, market or industry they are about to compete. Various tools provide a detailed report of your competitor’s backlinks and activities.

Competitor’s analysis answers various questions like:

  • How many links have to be made?
  • What should be the word count of your post?
  • Which sites are gaining most traffic?
  • How many images are used per post?
  • What are the title and descriptions?

And many more such questions. Get the links of your competitors and produce more and better than them. You can start ranking fast with this strategy.

Document and PPT Submission

Another great technique to get quality links for your website is PPT submission and document sharing websites. Companies these days offer ebooks and free guides to its users. These Ebooks and other useful information documents if submitted to document and PDF sharing websites can help you get quality Backlinks.

There are various PPT submission websites like Slideshare, where you can submit your content and get a good number of visitors and engagement for your website.


Improve Content Formats

Content Marketing is getting huge and has gained a lot of importance. You need content for anything and everything these days. It is imperative to plan and work on your content strategically.

However, planning content for Backlinks might be a bit different. It has been noticed that content formats like, “Infographics, Listicles, Videos, How to post and Why posts” are doing wonders to your SERP rankings. Improving content formats can get you a good number of backlinks.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media and Public Relations are becoming very impactful these days. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook; one can get good quality backlinks for their website. It is vital to plan your content appropriately as per the requirement of your platform and be consistent.

Infographics, videos, small posts work well on social media. Commenting can also help you get a good backlink for your website. So include, social media sharing in your backlink strategy.



Article marketing, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and Blog commenting are some of the renowned techniques to get quality backlinks for your websites. Make an appropriate plan with the right frequency to get quality backlinks for your website. Still in doubt? Contact Us.

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