Microsoft Advertisement provides open user ad stock images.

A recent Shutterstock collaboration expands the marketers’ product catalogue.

Microsoft Sutterstock

Microsoft marketers will use more than 320 million pictures for their search ads in Shutterstock ‘s stock photo collection. The strategic alliance has announced on Tuesday i.e. 21st July 2020  that the Micorosft Advertising web interface provides free storage images.

The first Shutterstock collection exposure to Microsoft Community Network beta is in the US and the UK. It is also accessible in query text ads for image enhancements.

You should use the Shutterstock photos, Microsoft said:


  • Just execute ads featuring different pictures and images for the target market to produce the greatest impact.
  • Finish your ad setup much sooner, particularly if you had no link to an image library in the past.
  • Interacts the brand more easily with the ability to incorporate fresh visuals to suit the specific goals, priorities and storylines of each campaign.
  • It can be included for the Windows Audience Advertising and Photo Extensions. 


Throughout the US and the UK, stock images are being taken of marketers taking part throughout our Microsoft Audience Network beta.

It is quick and easy to add stock images to your Microsoft public campaign:

microsoft 6smarketers


  • Click Add Pictures to create an ad for your publicity campaign
  • Select Stock Photos from the dialogue appearing
  • Search the stock pictures accessible by entering search terms relevant to the tale of your purchase, business or ad campaign.
  • The picture that you pick can have a Shutterstock watermark. The final ad sent to the intended market does not include watermarks.
  • How you can use them


The latest viewer marketing feature is possible to use on Microsoft’s key advertisement areas:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft’s Edge browser
  • Many syndication affiliate pages


Tap ‘Select Photos’ and select ‘Stock Pictures’ to choose the millions of pictures you have already loaded for your viewer ad campaign. 

Once you pick the file, you will be seeing a watermark but that will be deleted in your actual ad.

There are also a few guidelines to use such Shutterstock pictures. Advertisers must conform to and be included exclusively in promotional ads under the Microsoft advertising policy. You see what you receive – you won’t be allowed to make any alteration or improvements to an image until you have selected it.

It’s fantastic news that marketers have this tool at the edge. You will dramatically affect purchases and results with the correct picture in your ad. But bear in mind when utilizing images; spoofs and comments in the gap to the Internet have been used in recent years. 

Be assured they are still important to the company – though it might not be the best picture to use because we love to see a space full of smiling colleagues.

The problem is to find the right way to promote your brand, but we can help. Our PPC department has deep experience in digital ads and opportunities to help you in reaching your goals.


A big effect on ad success may be the right picture. Through free entry to the Photo Library of Shutterstock, marketers can have more choices. Nonetheless, be cautious with your decisions. We also remember the type of stock “smiling entrepreneurs” Vince Vaughn spooked a few years back.

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