Paid and Organic Technique in Digital Marketing

Today, Digital marketing is one of the most asked services in the world. And,  we don’t need to tell why everyone is looking to have the best digital marketing strategy for their businesses.  When someone consults for Digital marketing services, he or she will be encountered with terminology like paid and organic. So what are they?

In layman terms, paid and organic is the technique that digital marketer follows to meet client expectations. If a client wants to get quick results and ready to spend some extra money, then the digital marketer generally suggests going with paid marketing.

6S Marketers
6S Marketers

On the other hand, if the client has any long term evergreen product or service or something that lasts for years in the market, then the digital marketer recommends the organic way.

Difference Between Paid and Organic Digital Marketing

As mentioned above, paid marketing is one of the fastest ways to get desired results, but it is something that has a very high upfront cost. One of the biggest con of paid marketing is client needs to continue to spend his money regularly in order to acquire new leads. Getting leads via running ads is one of the popular methods of paid digital marketing.

Coming to organic digital marketing, then it is a kind of technique that guarantees you better credibility and trust. The only con of organic marketing is it takes a very long time to get desired results. SEO or search engine optimization is an excellent example of organic marketing.

Which One Should I Choose?

Well, it all depends on your needs. If you ask any wise digital marketer, then he will generally suggest you go with both of them. The ratio of both strategies will be different according to the nature of your business, products, or services.

Paid digital marketing gives your brand instant recognition while the organic one improves your brand credibility gradually. Once you start ranking organically, you can simply cut down the budget of paid marketing.


When you hire someone for Digital Marketing services, it is essential for you to choose the experienced one so that you don’t lose your hard-earned money without getting anything. As paid marketing gives quick results; you can judge anyone’s service easily, but when it comes to organic marketing, then for you it can be quite a gambling thing as

it is a long term process.

In our opinion, you need to hire someone who has a good track record or lifting brands or services, then no matter whether you are hiring an individual or company. 6S Marketers has helped various companies and startups in their digital growth. Be it SEO or SEM, we are always ready to help. Get in touch.


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