Recently announced Google Web Stories WordPress plug-in.

Google has finally launched a WordPress site for Online Tales. Build web stores quickly to bring more traffic to the blog. Google has announced that the WordPress Web Reports feature is now out of beta and seems to be accessible throughout the WordPress Plugin Directory. This module makes things simpler for WordPress writers to produce content in the Google Web Stories style, helping writers attract more users.

What is Google web stories?

According to another Google Developer Knowledge Base, its Online Narrative is a digital communication medium in a Google search that entices the consumer in a full-screen encounter. Web Stories can also be found in Google Photos, Explore, and Mobile Applications. 

Why does Google web stories matter?

WordPress website Stories is a functionality that helps internet providers increase (free) visits by using dynamic, headline-like content. While using Google News Stories, site owners can also conveniently access additional online services, including numerous Google applications such as

, Google Photos, Google Analytics, Explore, and Google Games.

How to create stories in WordPress?

This successful introduction of the Google Web Story plugin made it extremely convenient for plugin consumers to build a story on Google Plus. That is how it’s handled.

  • Download and install the Google Web Stories plugin
  • Set up web stories
  • Customize web stories
Simplifies the format

There are also inquisitive criteria as to how the material can be structured for Web Stories. For example, clips must be organized vertically, not laterally. Besides, the minimum text size had to be 24 pixels and not more than 200 words per Web Stories page. Google’s WordPress theme Reports module makes it possible to share Web Reports without having to read an owner’s manual. The latest version of the plugin features a drag-and-drop GUI and layouts to make it simple to project stories. Google, however, has formed a collaboration with common visual data suppliers to allow alternative photographs and videos to be accessible to plugin users.  

Web stories WordPress plug-in requirement

Google’s WordPress Web Stories plugin requires a basic plugin edition of 5.3.1 and a basic PHP edition of 5.6. Additionally, “These are the minimum criteria that the great majority of successful plugin developers should fulfill. Furthermore, the WordPress Web Stories module is officially freely available from the WordPress theme database.” It can also be conveniently activated from the WordPress site portal via the Module login tab.

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