E-Com Website Maintenance Monthly


Around 80% of people love to shop or research for a product or service online, which makes your website a crucial point of contact for the whole customer journey. That’s why the E-Commerce Website Maintenance involves a lot of continuous work to maintain the decorum of your website performance at the top pages of search engine results.

When 6s marketers take the charge of your E-commerce website maintenance, it’s modules, user interface & plugins are constantly updated with in-depth security patches, best software and development plans to meet up the unique requirement of every business.

Our web developers execute their top-notch eCommerce solutions with a robust team of developers, project managers, and expert consultants to deliver a successful website development process.


We are a leading eCommerce website development company serving a broad range of b2b and b2c eCommerce solutions like web development, design, testing, and site maintenance.

Usually, every business has hundreds of unsolved matters piled up every day, therefore most of them fail to conserve some time to maintain their site up to date but the other business issues should not be on the price of your website maintenance.

Prevention is always better than a cure, if you ignore website maintenance to cut corners then it can ruin the reputation of your business. Our eCommerce development experts provide a comprehensive range of maintenance solutions, they indulge themselves in every data of your analytics and customer experience to know about your goals and customer intent.

A well maintained up to date website is beneficial to your business in numerous ways — it’ll load faster on the web browser, rank better on the search engine, convert more sales, increase the ROI and avoid the unnecessary expenditure of money in storage and hosting costs.

Our experts have vast experience of maintaining numerous types of websites of any size businesses. We’ll provide you with a maintenance routine to keep your business on top of the web.

Our e-commerce development solutions include:

1. Security updates.
Whether you have a b2b or b2c storefront, our proactive approach provides a secured environment by fixing potential threats, firewall optimization, and secured patches to your website.
We observe the performance of your website on a daily basis to fix the bugs and add the latest features with instant support, security fixes, and restore backups if needed.
We monitor the performance of our client’s website on a daily basis to fix the bugs faced by the users, add new features, and provide seamless support.

2. Website monitoring.
This works the same for both b2b and b2c storefronts, we monitor speed issues, broken links, and 404 errors via high-quality tools.

3. Website Analytics.
The size of business never matters in online marketing, if you have an adequate marketing strategy then it’ll always pay off with valuable results. Our experts and strategists use high-quality technical tools like:

• Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
• hrefs
• Google Analytics
• Google Analytics for WordPress

4. Website consultancy.
Our website maintenance consultants help clients grow their business with a massive online presence. We can offer Skype calls, email, etc., for b2b and b2c storefronts.

5. Website marketing
The internet is like a coin with two sides, the first side is meant to provide the content and whereas the opposite side is meant for an audience which consumes the content.
We can manage social media, email, and newsletters to grow the online visibility of your business

6. Content.
Our website maintenance experts constantly update the content such as images, text, user interface, and layout for better relevancy and SERP.
The Content development services matter with the size of business i.e, b2b, or b2c, we provide blog content frequently, online reputation management through handle comments, email, etc.

7. Niche relevant website customization.
Our in-house experts can set up an ROI focussed B2B or B2C storefront with an extra edge to meet the customer intent of your business and features for your needs.

8. API integration.
This is another means of communication, which nowadays mostly relies on chatbots as well.
Such type of API integrations increases the visitor engagement on your page, it boosts your sales more effectively in the global marketplace with tax, discounts, and shipping costs calculated automatically for a wider reach towards the target audience.

eCommerce website maintenance team of 6 s marketers provides a strong business strategy with the latest development tools and tech. Our maintenance solutions help businesses to reach their potential customers with an effective online marketing strategy, user experience, security and technology.

Our expert developers have a vast experience of developing and maintaining B2B or B2c online stores using extensive technologies like WordPress development, yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Zen Cart, NET, PHP, and much more.
Our E-commerce website solutions are always customer-centric, user-friendly, search engine friendly, flexible, scalable, and capable enough to handle the maximum footfall on your website.


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