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You’re thinking of taking your business on the web, but you don’t know which platform to choose for your website.

Googling has brought you at the correct page, 6s marketers have an experienced team of WordPress developers who can implement ultimate solutions to meet the marketing objectives of your business, they can create niche-relevant customized solutions to enhance the project standards or project needs.


Well, WordPress’s massive popularity in the last few years has flooded the Google search of ‘WordPress’ with 2,060,000,000 results, it has not happened by accident.

The open-source environment of WordPress makes it very easy to use; many website development experts applaud WordPress for it’s Content Management System’s (CMS) because they don’t require any programming language expertise to publish the content.

Whether your business is b2b or a b2c online store, we offer best in class WordPress development services that include internet branding, technical search engine optimization, and an ROI focussed user interface.

We focus our actions on the customer acquisition funnel of your business to ensure relevant user experience; we use to code and digital marketing to bring conversion-based results.
All of Our WordPress website development projects start through the foundation of search engine optimization. Further, we get into every layer of the customer journey, from competitive research and keyword selection, to site mapping and on-page optimization, to meet your marketing goals and objectives with a structured on-budget process.

If your business idea is unique, we can elevate your concept on the web through our advanced e-commerce solutions that include custom post types, taxonomies, APIs, and plugins explicitly coded for your project requirements.
We assign dedicated project managers to deliver every project on time; each team includes an SEO, content manager, graphic designer, and an experienced developer.

Our large scale WordPress maintenance services include the following tactics:

1. Security
WordPress highly dominates 76.4% of CMS Market Share, making it prone to hacking, ransomware, and other cyber attacks.

If you have an unsecured WordPress website, then you’re eliminating your leads and sales because more than 80% of visitors bounce back from the unsecured sites.

We provide comprehensive security solutions for your eCommerce website which includes
• Website hosting
• WordPress maintenance and updates
• Security configuration and monitoring (HTTPS)
• Website backup and configuration
• Website hack rectification and restoration.
• Daily Cloud Backups
• SSL Certificate
• Brute Force Protection
• Custom Login URL
• Weekly Plugin + Theme Scan
• Manage Inactive Plugins
• 2-Factor Authentication
• Force Secure Passwords
• Database Protection
• Install a Firewall
• Block Fake Google Crawlers
• Daily Database Optimization
• Verify Trusted Sources
• Authentication Keys + Salts
• Daily Malware Scan
• Real-Time Monitoring
• IP Tracking
• Comment Spam Filtering
• DNS Change Alerts
• File Permissions
• Daily Link Scan

2.Database optimization

We analyze every inch of the database to maintain an equilibrium between loading time and the website’s smooth function for massive traffic.

The database of WordPress supports it’s every core of functionality which means that database stores every content of your website activity and over time the database can become vulnerable with full of extra junk from Deleted posts, unapproved, or spam comments, unused categories, and tags.

More of the junk will load your website slowly on the search engine; our eCommerce maintenance routine proactively eliminates every junk out of your database, keeping your website fast and healthy.

3. Theme and plugin updates.
Our expert keeps a check on every update from WordPress to keep your site up to date with the latest versions because it provides a wide variety of solutions to your business as well.
We provide a stunning theme and latest Plugin to your website because an up to date website is always less before bugs and viruses.

4. Files Backup
If you have a data back up, then you can quickly restore your website through it,
Our experts will allow you to store the backup of your website on your hosting platform’s server. It makes it quick and easy to fetch your backup data.
• We always take a new backup for every WordPress update.
• We also secure a monthly backup at a 3rd party secured storage, separate from your website host, for security purposes.
• Our backups do not consume the available storage of your hosting account. However, we do need some space on the hosting account to run the backups.

5. Database optimization
Along with data backup, we frequently optimize your database to keep it away from unused data, images, and comments.

For better WordPress database optimization, removal of junk data is essential for the website as it gets some space for more productive operations from additional data memory.

Our database optimization services enhance your site’s overall performance and run queries through the database very efficiently, which ultimately leads to faster site speed, smart user experience, and a more responsive website.
When it comes to a healthy website, 6 marketers can keep your business ahead of the competition with their WordPress website maintenance services.


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