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Every business runs its ads on Facebook, but most don’t know where to start a successful ads campaign. Here’s the problem — Most of the FB ads run by various businesses rely on some basic demographics, placement, and behavioural targeting. More often, they fail to deliver direct sales leads ads ending up with a disastrous loss in AD Spent ROAS.


When you connect with 6s marketers for the Facebook ads account setup of your business, we optimize all of the ads manager options to plan, create, Analyse & Report an ROI driven ad campaign on FB.

If your business uses Facebook, it is essential to use Facebook Business Manager to keep your business assets centralized, safe, and organized.

But first, let’s answer a crucial question: what is the significance of Facebook Manager?

It’s the place where you control all of the salient features of Fb Manager like Facebook marketing and advertising activities, here you can optimize multiple users’ access to additional resources like your Instagram account and product catalogues.

The following are some of the benefits of Facebook ads setup and management.

    • It keeps your business activities and personal profile separate from each other. It prevents posting content in the wrong place (or getting distracted by random videos when you’re involved with work).
    • It’s a central hub to track Facebook ads, with in-depth insights that show your ads’ performance.
    • You can give page and ad access to vendors, partners, and agencies without handing over ownership of the assets.
    • It doesn’t show your personal information like — your name, work email, and pages, and ad accounts to co-workers.

Now let’s know how 6smarketers leverage the efficiency of Facebook Ads Setup for your Business.
While Google Ads is a perfect platform for targeting people, who need something and are correspondingly searching about it, Facebook allows us to target people based on their online activities and personal interests.

Facebook’s database revolves around the interests, activities, demographics, and shopping behaviour of its active users. The extensive targeting options of Fb ads allows every business to find its potential audience, no matter the size of the market, whether it belongs to a large scale or small-scale industries.

Whether you want to generate sales leads or direct conversions, Facebook can be a great platform to directly put services and products among your target customers where they’re spending most of their time.

Our Facebook Ads Experts reduces the complexity of such a comprehensive database with there best in class Ads Account services, which leads to a more audience-centric ad campaign.

We’ve been growing many brands to incredible heights using FB ads since the first point of contact. Our Complete Facebook Ads Account Service is here to convert every penny of profit into dollars from this most popular social media platform.

We provide most of the salient features like the custom audience, conversion optimization, and advanced interest-based targeting with the responsibility of setting up and optimizing your campaign.

We design all format creatives with engaging graphics, tracking pixels installation, split-test of ad copies, analytics, and campaign monitoring. Our Ad experts monitor every progress of the campaign to improve its efficiency, allowing you to focus on the other business chores instead of struggling with Facebook ads management.

We can give you a number of opportunities to target your potential customer. We analyze the performance of every ad, and then we remaster them throughout the whole campaign, updating the audience and improvising the process
Facebook Ads gives us several ways to find who and where your potential customers are, starting with a “best estimate” audience. We monitor the performance of the ad campaigns and then refine them throughout the campaign because we know what matters to you. We follow each Facebook ad campaign by Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) as it gives you a crystal precise amount that paying for a lead or customer.

Our Facebook ads management services can continuously increase the total ROAS of any campaign. We can generate a profitable CPA as a part of our services every time for your company.

Besides, we will provide you with the following services in every FB ads campaign:-

  • Unique content with unique creatives.
  • Expert analysis for every ad campaign.
  • Robust targeting and copy tweaks.
  • Expert consultation.

Our every ad performance lies beneath the calibre of our experts in Google Analytics.
When we opt for a Facebook advertising strategy to drive and increase footfall to your business website, google analytics plays a significant role in measuring efficiency.

The Facebook advertising experts of 6s marketers monitor the traffic behaviour when they’re being directed from Facebook to visit your website. We focus on the following points to deliver a robust marketing strategy:
1. Persona and number of pages that they’re viewing.
2. The amount of new traffic viewing the site.
3. Traffic bounce rate while visiting the site.

Analyzing the reports from google analytics is like a secret sauce for optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns.
We work with Facebook advertising experts to gain insights into the latest updates because it gives an upper hand to your business in every competition.
If you’d like to earn more revenue with our Facebook advertising services, purchase our best cost-effective premium packages!


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