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Behind every successful Facebook ads, campaign lies a best in class Facebook marketing strategy, and similarly, 6s marketers lie behind numerous of the highest performing FB ads campaigns.


In this digital saga of the 21st century, various emerging social media platforms are getting talked about everywhere and seemingly taking up the web — still, Facebook remains a hot potato.

Snapchat could be popular with younger users now. However, Facebook still dominates the most massive reach with over a billion monthly active users every time, making it the largest and most used social media marketing platform globally.

The tons of data and a massive presence of potential users attract numerous businesses to advertise their products or services on Facebook. However, everyone seeks there to drive user engagement and an effective target audience to get the most out of the advertising investment.

However, to succeed on Facebook, a brilliant marketing agency is a must, our marketing experts understand how to drive maximum customer acquisition with a high performing ad campaign.

Taking advantage of such a big gun requires a lot of marketing calibre, which every expert at 6s marketer possesses. We know when to roll in the right places on Facebook with the right strategy of advertising to generate massive ads revenue for your company.

Every company brag about the value of a social media marketing strategy, but only a few make dollars. If generating profitable ad revenue on popular social networks is a burdensome objective for you, then 6s marketers are the perfect B2B or B2C internet marketing agency for your business.

Our experts put their every effort to derive a marvellous ROI from social media; we will leverage your social brand on every optimum level of the social network to generate leads with cost-effective PPC models and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Ready to roll your brand with a robust Facebook marketing strategy? Then this package is a perfect juice to ignite your social media PPC campaigns. Some of our one-touch Facebook marketing solutions include:

1. Facebook Page Management.
Our experts can help you with our Facebook page management services and utilize the power of social media to acquire your target audience and drive the conversations, thus elevating the brand’s voice and awareness.

Expert management of a business page on Facebook can provide it with a solid brand awareness quickly and reliably. Whether your objective is brand awareness or lead sales, our page management services offer a measured targeting, which helps us split testing to optimize each ad according to the audience persona and the real-time statistics.
Opt for our best in class Facebook marketing Services and skyrocket your ROI, leads sales, brand value, and much more in one click.

2. Engaging Graphic design
Our experienced copywriters and graphic designers are the backbones of every social media marketing campaign; they work together to make compelling photos, videos, or infographics with useful text messages for likes, shares, and user engagement.

Whatever your business objectives are, our creatives bring your business to life with an active awareness about your brand and what does it do. Our photo ads come with a simple format that leaves a tidy, elegant, and inspiring impression over your target audience.

3. Algorithm friendly Optimization
The frequent updates of the Facebook algorithm are something mythical that every marketer ignores. Most of the Facebook posts go wrong, and hardly they manage to get any impression due to the lack of understanding about the Fb algorithm by the respective marketers in charge.

Our marketers have an exceptional understanding of continually changing algorithms. We know which photo ads are best for your ad campaign because there is a specific time for every objective.
We test every ad copy based on several factors to ensure the performance of the ad concerning the Facebook ads algorithm. Some of the factors include Content Inventory, Signals, Predictions, and Ad Score.

4. Comment Management
With so many users on Facebook, spam and trolling are inevitable. This where a quality Comment Management takes charge as a crucial aspect for the online reputation management of your brand on Facebook.

Our ORM Team makes Audience Engagement via comments and direct messages, which is an excellent way of providing a personality to your brand. When there’s massive traffic on your page, it gets challenging to manage each comment manually. The instant replies hold a much higher customer satisfaction and retention rate.

6smarketers is a digital marketing agency with a team of engagement managers, campaign strategists, and Facebook marketing experts.

Nowadays, the audience is getting smarter, the tactics that were useful yesterday may not work today, and this is why we keep ourselves updated with every digital trend.

We have acquired impressive results for hundreds of brands globally with our best in class digital marketing solutions.


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