Instagram Ads Setup & Management


You’re running online ads through Google, you’re generating campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even some other digital marketing related social media sites but you’ve been ignoring Instagram ads and ads account management due to some strange reason.

Every cloud comes with a silver lining and well this digital age is not the time to ignore Instagram advertising as if it would yield your campaign.


6s marketers is a full-service Instagram marketing agency, that pioneers the Instagram marketing campaigns and strategies with Instagram ads account management, strategy, content writing, PPC marketing and integrated brand strategy.

The professional ads account management experts of 6s marketers boasts one of the most impactful insta advertising networks across dozens of industries both exclusively and non-exclusively.

Through our ads management and setup services, we help the business to earn conversions and higher levels of engagement than any other social media platform.

We have a dedicated team of experienced insta marketers that provides a wide range of engagement and added experience for a campaign that follows a proven formula of success.

It is difficult for many businesses to run an Instagram advertising campaign without expert guidance, despite the fact that our insta marketing services make it easy to set up the business manager account with aesthetic management of ad posts and compelling content to feed the potential audience.

Our Instagram ads management package is much cost-effective than most marketing agencies and during many events, it has proven to be more impactful than our digital marketing competitors that exist. Throughout our clientele, we have found that we can provide strong media presence to your business through our expertise in A/B split testing, conversion tracking, targeting potential audiences, and much more.

Our social media marketing enthusiasts can start to produce brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic through Instagram by following solutions:

1. Audience research and Expert Analytics.
The journey to your ads accounts management begins with the research phase of the target audience and placement. In this phase of developing objective, our experts work together to generate a maximum ROI Instagram advertising campaigns for your business.

We monitor every post activity to derive out the right content that frequently intrigues and motivates your followers
We monitor the Geographical insights pointing towards the location, countries and cities of your follower for dynamically optimized creatives.

We analyze various Demographics analytics like Gender of Followers and much more for an in-depth marketing strategy.

We also segment your followers on the basis of Engagement rates insights measured for profile, posts and stories.
Our Experts monitor and analyze the Instagram business profiles belonging to your niche relevant competitors.
Our strategists track and analyze your business profile, every post, insta stories and hashtags on a daily basis.

2. Content Strategy
Nowadays an online presence is necessary for every brand to survive the competition. Although Instagram is a sibling of Facebook still it dominates a large number of user engagement, hence it is irrelevant to ignore Instagram ads account services for the brand willing to target a community of potential and loyal customers.

Brands that already have a business account set up are on the correct path. But just having an Instagram profile isn’t enough to transform the leads into conversions.

If you want to drive sales and make real money from Instagram ads management services, your brand needs our expert attention to come up with a viable strategy.

This Business Account Management Package will drive your professional insta account in the right direction with drastic advertising strategies and much more.

The first step involves a content strategy which focuses on the interest and trends that your followers care about.
For example, if your business provides premium furniture, it’s probably safe to say that your users are passionate about interior designing posts.

We research your customer interests to deliver content to execute a successful customer acquisition strategy with design-driven, creative, stylish and professional content.

3. Campaign Management
Our Experts get into every business goal of our client to take actions that expand the brand reach with maximum ROI on Instagram. We segment your objectives on the basis of events, time and other insights because it helps us to proceed with the campaign with a relevant objective and correct strategy.

Every campaign works on a bidding structure which states that more bids bring more ads placement among the target audience, Our Campaign Experts and Instagram strategists work together to optimize a perfect bid relevant to your business objectives, impressions, landing page views, and daily unique reach.

We can also utilize the manual bidding to keep an eye on ad spent per conversion to ensure that whether your insta ads are on the right track or not.

, for example, a lead only consumes a certain amount, we can control your bid through our ads account services to ensure that you aren’t spending more on the wrong audience and much more.


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