Top reasons for failing paid search.

Paid Search Failed


Paid search (PPC) is an advertisement technique used to direct traffic to websites where the advertiser pays the user when the ad is clicked.

In the first tier search engines, such as Google ads, the amazon ads and Microsoft publicity, formerly bing ads, pay per click (PPC) is often linked.

Advertisers typically bid keyword phrases relevant to their target market with search engines, and pay when ads are clicked. Alternatively, content sites usually charge a fixed price per click rather than using a bidding system.

There are many reasons why PPC campaign fails. These are a few reasons why PPC campaign fails.

1. Negative keywords

PPC campaigns fail because there is no comprehensive negative list. When you launch a campaign first it is not always possible to find all the relevant negatives keywords. This list needs to be developed over time – using the search terms report and the keyword planner application.

2. Undifferentiated Adverts

Several ads look soft and undifferentiated with no advantages, unique sales points (USP), reviews and other offers. They’re floating in the same sea. So it’s no doubt that they’re struggling. So, it’s hard for searchers to select a supplier from a variety of advertisers out there. It is obvious that CTRs, quality marks and conversions do not perform properly.

3. Low Ad position

For most companies, high results in ad auction rankings are significant. Lower classification means that you are having a low amount of traffic that affects conversions. There are several other social advantages of ranking high too. Searchers generally trust top-down sites. 

They are considered to be the most important and play essential roles in your industry. For example, in certain sectors such as local utilities, searchers can only ask the top 5-6 advertisers for a response. This is why they are not bothering with lower-ranked sites, and that means you’re going to miss out on some opportunities if you’re not visible.

4. Lack of consistency

What kills many campaigns is lack of consistency. Your AdWords strategy should be consistent, including where and how you appear, testing, optimizing, budgeting and more.

Many advertisers are taking a scattershot approach to ads. They have no plan or process to optimize their campaign. No wonder, all the efforts and investment get wasted.

5. Low budgets

Your plan will not hit its maximum capacity with a limited budget. When it matters most, your ads will be offline and you won’t show up for the important search terms in your industry.

The ideal budget to start with research on keywords is one way to find out. After analysis, select and enter all your keywords in the keyword planner to get the appropriate estimates and budget by clicking on the number.

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