Totoyo Info Case Study (SEO)


Totoyo Info is one of the most renowned sites to play sports and games online. It is one of the best toto sites in Korea due to its with 100% playground safety and verified users. 

Totoyo is backed by a strong and dedicated team that expertise in handling different sports. It creates a safe and secure betting environment for its users.

With the changing era, many private companies are paving their way to online games and sports too. Totoyo Info has a unique verification team that gives detailed attention to the process of registration of all the Toto sites and sports activities. It has various players and companies registered for a variety of games that Totoyo offers. 


Totoyo had two primary purposes:

  •  To generate more relevant traffic 
  • To have impactful SERP results. 
  • To get positional rankings on Google.

 We assessed monthly traffic was not up to the mark as the competition was very high. The Google SERP rankings were also going down. 


A major problem that our team faced was language. Since it was a Korean website, it was very challenging to cope up with the different demands of our clients. Getting quality websites for links was a significant hindrance. The second major challenge that we recognized was competition. The competition was really high and not only within the industry but also platforms. There were high ranking competitors for different keywords that we had to target. There was a dire need to mold and redirect the traffic to the main web pages so that the conversion rate could be improved. We focussed on making coming up with strategies that can improve the positional rankings of Totoyo. 


  1. After detailed research, we found out that the On-page and Off-Page SEO structure of the website was fragile, and competitors had more optimized and trusted sites.
  2. To improve ranking, we took a deep dive and shifted our focus towards the top competitors. We found out that the existing content on the website is not of good quality and does not include relevant LSI keywords, Headers, and tags. We also found out that the interlinking structure of the site is poor, which resulted in poor user experience. Therefore the first thing that we did was changed almost all the content of the website.
  3. Search appearance of Totoyo on the google was not appealing enough to make people click on the link. Therefore we changed the meta title and description and made them catchy. It helped us to achieve a good CTR.
  4. Backlinking and Off-page strategy were feeble. Hence, we improved it through quality link submissions, directory submissions, QA forums, commenting, and image optimization. 

Tools Used:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Keywords Planner
  • LSI Graphs
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google AMP validator

Services Used:

  • Content and Creatives
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Optimization


Despite having fierce competition in the online gaming industry, we were able to achieve a growth rate of …… The positional ranking of Totoyo improved by …..

The 6S team found that there were not only highly optimised existing websites but new websites launching up in the gaming industry every day. But, the 6S team experts above all the adversities improved ranking with incredible efforts and quality link building.

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