WheelStreet Case Study (SEO)

WheelStreet Case Study (SEO)


Wheelstreet is India’s largest bike rental company, aiming to make bike renting a hassle free business. Wheelstreet is well established in 150+ cities and is on an expansion mode. Wheelstreet holds 40% of the market share and is the biggest player in bike renting space in India with a vision of becoming the pioneer of the market.

Wheelstreet has 1000+ vendors and has successfully achieved 100,000+ happy riders. Amazing, Isn’t it? It operates across the global and provides millions of people opportunities to explore the world. Wheelstreet is operating in more than 15 countries now. Wheelstreet team is driven young, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who believe “ Team work makes the dream work.”


Wheelstreet had two main objectives:

  •  To generate more relevant traffic
  • To generate more bookings and more revenue.

We assessed monthly traffic was already good but number of conversion was not very good. The Google SERP rankings in most of the cities was also going down.


Our team recognised that though the traffic is good but we are not ranking for most of the relevant keywords across all the cities and traffic that we are getting is majorly attracted by the blog itself. There was a dire need to mould and redirect the traffic to the main city pages so that the conversion rate could be improved.


  1. After detailed research we found out that  navigation on the website was not user friendly and steps involved from entering website to final booking are way too much. So, the first action that we took was either elimination of unnecessary steps or merging them with the other steps.

2. To improve ranking we took a deep dive and shifted our focus towards the top competitors. We found out that the existing content on the website is not of good quality and does not include relevant LSI keywords, Headers and tags. We also found out that the interlinking structure of the website is poor which resulted in poor user experience. The existing content was stuffed with unnecessary keywords which was prone to attract google penalty. Therefore the first thing that we did was changed almost all the content of the website.

3. Earlier rent displayed on the Bike page was based on rent per day system.  Even though it was less than the competitors but it seemed higher as the competitors used rent per hour method. So we changed pricing model of wheelstreet to hourly basis.

4. Search appearance of Wheelstreet on the google was not appealing enough to  make people click on the link. Therefore we changed the meta title and description and made them catchy. It helped us to achieve a good CTR.

5. We know that more than 90% of people in India browse internet through their mobile device. Therefore we used AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), designed specially for mobiles. AMP have faster speed and take less time to load and consume less internet data of users. Bringing AMP on board was a win win situation and it helped in increasing Avg CTR from 7.2% to 8.9%

Tools Used:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Keywords Planner
  • LSI Graphs
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google AMP validator

Services Used:

  • Content and Creatives
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Optimization


With collated efforts from both sides we were able to achieve 130% Organic conversion growth, 106% growth in revenue and 120% growth in transaction in Six months.

Website URL Keywords Position
https://www.wheelstreet.com/bike-on-rent-in-delhi bike on rent in delhi 1
https://www.wheelstreet.com/bike-on-rent-in-mumbai bike on rent in mumbai 1
https://www.wheelstreet.com/bike-on-rent-in-kolkata bike on rent in Kolkata 1
https://www.wheelstreet.com/bike-on-rent-in-chandigarh Bike on Rent in Chandigarh 1
https://www.wheelstreet.com/bike-on-rent-in-chennai bike on rent in chennai 1

This is how we helped Wheelstreet augment its Traffic and Profits using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Get in Touch for free website audit and improved results.

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