Why technology changes what it requires to be a successful search marketer?

Technology and tools to enhance evaluation, decisions and strategy development.

The advertisers’ needs and aspirations tend to change and “must be a mix of buyers, technology and data analysts,” says Stephen McDonagh, Virtual & development marketing director at 1-800-Flowers.com.

In a talk to his 1-800-Flowers.com team, Sara Resnick, senior director, SEO & Social, business group marketing, at SMX Next, addressed how new technologies and data changes shift what it requires to be a successful search marketer.

McDonagh acknowledged that the democratization of data processed in our networks (smart / auto-supplying as one example) (cheap, fast and almost limitless thanks to cloud databases) and artificial intelligence has significantly influenced search marketing and marketing in general.

The new (Search) product strategic benefits.

McDonagh says that if machine learning is all-encompassing, and data is plentiful and accessible, it looks too: 


  • Concentrate on cross-channel techniques, coordination and allocation for more complex customer travel.
  • Will make strategic business choices more easily than anyone else because everyone has the same data exposure point. Create files automatically so that you can address your questions more easily.
  • Know how the devices function, such that with the right offer, with an example, you can use the best bid pattern. (This is important because I have stressed this in my SMX Next talk about digital marketing in the automated era of marketing.)
  • Checks and moving software and technologies daily.



“Smart devices and frameworks are evolving so quickly that no system is going to have a lasting impact,” he said. “Technical innovation would not necessarily be a benefit.” 

“It’s a chance to build a fast growth and learning environment and culture, where employees and their businesses are constantly assessed and technologically tested,” said McDonagh.

Take care of the latest hot thing or the technology mindset. “To accommodate the client does not tie up with any new imagination,” he added. “The communications platform needs to be continuously built and refurbished to be successful as technology progresses.

Marketing methods for the ‘latest standard’

McDonagh stated that Google Data Studio provides an automated effective data conceptual model-free and code-free option. Furthermore, to move forward, it means that a marketing platform is built to be able to gather data from various outlets and to integrate PPC data with SEO, CRM and other site research data. Tableau, Looker and Power BI are more elaborate choices for monitoring. 

For non-coders, it is simple to use Google Cloud AutoML tables to use artificial intelligence and to construct forecasts. For example, The image analysis model for Cloud AutoML Vision can also be used to insert quality characteristics dynamically to marketing collaterals, says McDonagh.

He states that younger college students have experience of programming languages like SQL, Python and R, and recommends that existing search vendors improve their expertise. “Taking SQL, Python, XML, JavaScript or something else you don’t really think of, cloud storage or artificial intelligence,” he added.

This is not a machining strategy. “You have to pose the correct questions, but creative approaches make it really simple to find answers,” says McDonagh.

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