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Facebook is the best social media network for decades. With so much data in one place, it carries a drastic opportunity to target potential customers for every business.

If you’re a business owner, then a determined Facebook Advertisement strategy work wonders for your business, aside from other realms of digital marketing strategies like email marketing, flawless web design, SEO, and organic social media, Facebook is the most used social media platform where Businesses target two billion people every month.


Our experts can amplify Facebook advertising in many formats for any size business. We make simple as sophisticated ads as the audience want. No matter the scope, our reach is always broad.

This 21st century is like a digital book having trillion pieces of data in each page. We comb through it’s every detail to optimize your advertising dollars, and our ads guide your customers towards a journey to select your product, talk about it, and then rave about it.

But most importantly, we implement innovative strategies that other agencies have never executed before. Our reach and visibility can enhance the Facebook advertising of independent businesses competing with the big guns with a much larger budget.

The cost per impression on Facebook ranges from $5–10, and our Social media strategies are effective, they can generate or cost per thousand impressions for less than $10 and reach over 1,000 people.

Our digital marketing strategists implement one of their expertise in leveraging Facebook ads to grow any business in a measured and trending way. Because of this, we’ve always gained tremendous insights with an increase in ad revenues.

The organic reach for even compelling content is decreasing every day, and Facebook keeps on updating their algorithm every time, now it shows personal content in the news feed to every user on a much larger scale instead of less user content like posts from various other businesses, brands, and other media.

This is where the Facebook ads services of 6smarketers come to the rescue; the tactics that we use will significantly improve the performance and efficiency of your Facebook ads revenue. Some of them include:

  1. We provide the content to the right audience, giving the lower cost per clicks with improved ROI.
  2. Our experts embed themselves so much deeper into the content marketing sales funnel that it always gives them an upper hand in narrowing the broad target audience with the right ad message.
  3. Facebook Ads improvement always relies on proper audience targeting; we do targeting based on various other segments of the customer acquisition funnel.
  4. Whether it be financial demographics or any additional detailed targeting, our best Facebook consultants have the eagle eye to capture the perfect spot, which makes your ad look more engaging and superior to the competition level present in this digital market.
  5. We are a Facebook Ads Marketing Agency that provides more engagement, more sales, and more conversions by constant Monitoring, induced optimizing, tweaking, increasing performance, split testing for every ad copy, and anything your business goals.
  6. Our Facebook Advertising Experts ignites the conversion optimization of your ad campaign through proactive activation. It is an essential improvement for any Facebook ads campaign. We heal the marketing strategy of your ad campaign through persona / UX research and funnel analysis.
  7. Our dedicated team copywriting team and niche-relevant visuals can drive 10x sales and engagement with user and influencer generated content. We believe that a consistent look is more recognizable by every user consuming the news feed especially when they are part of specific visual campaigns.
  8. As a Facebook advertising agency, 6smarketers have an exclusive squad of social media experts and creative designers. They can develop and implement effective Facebook ad campaigns for any size business, whether it is E-commerce and other tech companies.

We focus every inch of our efforts towards your company’s unique objectives. Our visual marketing team steals the show with their best-in-class ad formats for your business and designs branded ads with compelling content and influencing ad copy that appeals to your target audience.

We make sure that your ads are shown to the ideal buyers through niche relevant audience targeting, as they are most likely to show interest in your service or products. We will also monitor conversions and test different ad elements to optimize ad performance and drive growth.

We go one step further when it comes to consuming analytics for a data-driven FB ad campaign. We track every analytics report to utilize the real data and craft an improved Facebook advertising strategy with enhanced optimization and maximum ROI.


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